School Captains

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.
1 Timothy 4:12

At Grace Lutheran College, we are proud to have many young men and women dedicated to leading their fellow students. 

Our Caboolture and Rothwell campuses are each lead by their own elected School Captains. Students are chosen from Year 12 and Year 9 and are selected by their teachers and classmates.

Students also nominate and elect their own leaders across other important areas of the college, including Faith and Service Captains, Academic Captains and House Captains.

Senior School Leaders


Caboolture Captains

An extract from Captains 2022: Getting to know our leaders

Amelie Langlands | Captain's Address

I nominated myself for School Captain because I want to challenge myself, help people and I want to be a great role model. It’s such an amazing opportunity – even if I didn’t get the role, I would have been so grateful for the experience of the nomination process. But now, I’m more excited than ever to get started!

I think kindness and honesty are some of the most important traits in leadership. Being able to communicate effectively, being organised, reliable and empathetic are also extremely important. I want my fellow students to remember me as someone who makes them feel good about themselves. I want to be remembered as someone who is friendly and kind - someone they can look up to, that’s always willing to help. Someone they can count on, who is always there for a laugh, a chat, or just to listen. Most of all, I want students to remember me as someone who made a positive difference and made them feel like they are an important part of the Grace community.

My passion is the performing arts, so I really want to pursue that throughout my life. After year 12 I hope to study a Bachelor of Musical Theatre at the Griffith Conservatorium, but who knows where life will take me! Whether it’s on stage, film or tv, as long as I’m singing, dancing, and acting – I’m living the dream!

William Spry | Captain's Address

What led me to nominate for School Captain was my desire to represent my school and to take advantage of the opportunity to get to better know my College community. During my time as captain, I wish to foster a closer connection between all students. I also wish to encourage students to participate in all aspects of College life and to take advantage of the incredible opportunity’s they have.

To achieve this as a leader, I believe the qualities needed include patience, determination, innovation, selflessness, and compassion. As one of the 2022 School Captain’s, I am very excited to run assemblies and be involved in other events where I have the opportunity to engage with students. 

Previous captains have inspired me to act for the benefit of others and to always give 100% to the role. From this, I hope to be remembered by students as a person who made them laugh and brought some light to their day, as a person who did things for the benefit of others and who was kind and considerate towards others.

Following graduation, I wish to go to either Tafe or University to study Outdoor Education, and at the completion of my qualification, hopefully I can pursue a career in Outdoor Education as a camp instructor at Googa.

Some things that my peers may not know about me is that I love making people laugh and I love seeing people grow and conquer challenges they may face, especially when I am able to help them to do so. I love the outdoors, playing sport, spending time with my friends and family, and just living life to the fullest. I look forward to serving the community as one of the 2022 School Captains. 


Rothwell Captains

Captains 2022: Getting to know our leaders

James Marshall:

What traits do believe are most important to leadership, and why?

 "I believe that a combination of respect, accountability, dependability, positivity, and honesty are the traits of a good leader. Through growing up and watching my parents, teachers and through my time at GOOGA, the importance of these traits were emphasised. A leader is nothing without respect, being respected is the sign of a good leader and means people will acknowledge and listen to your thoughts and ideas. Accountability and dependability mean that you will get the job done. Positivity I think helps as it promotes a ‘can do’ attitude and motivates others and honesty helps gain peoples trust and being able to live up to your promises. Of course, every leader is different, and many great leaders would have different traits but from my experiences these would be my traits for a good leader. "

Now, what do you want to do after Year 12?

"I want to go to university and study Engineering and become a Mechanical Engineer in the Aviation Industry. I would also like to get my Recreational Pilots Certificate and still be in a band."

Atlanta Scerri

What inspired you to become a Captain?

"I was inspired to become a Captain because I have always been driven to make change and use every effort to help people around me since I was small. I love communicating with others and using my leadership skills to be a voice for those that aren’t confident to speak up."

How do you hope to be remembered by your fellow students?

"I hope I can be remembered as someone who was not afraid to bring up issues, no matter how difficult or diverse. I hope I am perceived as a servant leader, dedicated to the needs of the people, as well as a lively, charismatic and approachable personality."

Jesse Thacker-Oldroyd

What part of the ‘job’ are you most excited for in 2022?

"I am very excited to help organise days such as EXO-day as well as being able to do a lot of the things that seem to happen behind the scenes that no one really sees, like the organisation for formal, free dress days as well as Grace Celebrates next year. I am also very humbled that I get to engage very closely with the staff, students and other members of our community who continue to keep the Grace community ticking. "

What do you want to accomplish in the role?

"I hope that through this role I can improve the school for my fellow students and to ensure that they are supported in the way that they need. Throughout this year I want to be able to give students as many opportunities as possible to pursue their chosen path, and give them the largest head start I possibly can."

Middle School Leaders


Caboolture Captains


Rothwell Captains

Captains 2022: Getting to know our leaders

Bronte Misso

What do you want to accomplish in the role?

"I want to accomplish more involvement in the school community and a stronger school spirit, the organisation of groups, improvement of my public speaking skills and ensure that each student is being challenged personally."

What traits do believe are most important to leadership, and why?

" I believe that the most important leadership traits are to be humble, accountable, have courage, respect, and teamwork. Being humble is important to leadership because tasks need to be completed with a total servant attitude, and accountable because commitment to actions is important in any good leader. Respect is shown to peers, the environment and self to set a good example, and teamwork because leaders need to listen to others ideas, respect others opinions and values and work together."

Danika Baker

What do you want to accomplish in the role?

"I want to make others feel safe to speak up and take opportunities."

What do you want to do after Year 12?

"I want to become someone who can help others, whether that be emotionally or physically. I want a job that will also have me involved in community."

Lucas Proenca-Faulkner

So, what inspired you to become a Captain?

"There are multiple things that have inspired me to become middle school captain and made me step up for this role. I believed that I could have a positive impact of the school environment, by making myself very approachable to all students across the campus. I believed that we could create more positive changes in the environment at grace to make grace a more inviting and save space for all students."

How do you hope to be remembered by your fellow students?

"As someone who believes in them and what they can become."

Aidan McKenzie

What do you want to accomplish in the role?

"Some goals I want to accomplish in the role include being an approachable person for any student for any concerns they might have, being a responsible and understanding role model, and ensuring that everyone at Grace Rothwell is challenging themselves and trying their best in everything."

What traits do believe are most important to leadership, and why?

"The most important traits of leadership for me are integrity, enthusiasm, giving 100% to everything and being humble. For me these qualities sum up the majority of my leadership style, and they are traits I will stick by and display as a role model during my time in the role. "

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