School Captains

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.
1 Timothy 4:12

At Grace Lutheran College, we are proud to have many young men and women dedicated to leading their fellow students. 

Our Caboolture and Rothwell campuses are each lead by their own elected School Captains. Students are chosen from Year 12 and Year 9 and are selected by their teachers and classmates.

Students also nominate and elect their own leaders across other important areas of the college, including Faith and Service Captains, Academic Captains and House Captains.

Senior School Leaders


Caboolture Captains

An extract from Captains 2021: Getting to know our leaders, Grace Gazette (September 2020).

Morgan Adamski | Captain's Address

In 2021, my goal as School Captain is to bring a element of fun to the Grace Community. I want to further unite the middle and senior school through different activities and events around the school, allowing my peers to grow more connections with the people around them. I want to ensure each student is challenged personally but also celebrated for their achievements, while nurturing the tight knit community we have at Grace Caboolture.    

From grade 7 until now, all the past school captains that have represented Grace Caboolture have been so engaged and passionate about leading by example and being a positive member of the school community. They chose to be heavily active in all the opportunities that Grace provides and uphold a mannerism of positivity and grace. I am inspired by their well collected, genuine, fun and prideful aura they created for themselves and how they so willing sacrificed so much time and effort to ensure they were the best servant leaders to their peers around them.

I hope to be remembered in the Grace community as a person who strives to be positive, friendly, and genuine. I want to be remembered as someone who instead of took any opportunity head on and encouraged students around me to do the same. My goal is to be someone who is an accountable support system and worked hard to encourage fellow students to step out of their comfort zone, helping students to grow personally, spiritually and academically. 

Dineth Wijayatunga | Captain's Address

There were many reasons that led me to be interested in the role of School Captain. Perhaps it was the chance to create some positive change, or my competitive edge that wanted to beat the tough competition, but what I think was the driving force was the fact that I have the power to make a difference that really pushed me to go for the position.

With this role, I want to bring the community closer together. I want to do this through creating better bonds between each grade. Now you might be wondering how I’m going to back up this bold claim and to that my answer is I will involve all of the students in a variety of activities that will show the diversity of the community leading people to witness the positivity of the community and hopefully see that everyone is approachable regardless of grade. I want to do this to break the imaginary shackles that bind us to our grades. 

I would like to be remembered by fellow students as a very fun, approachable guy who was always willing to help instead of “that one captain who I saw on assembly every week”. I would like the students to  get to know me personally and ultimately remember how I helped make the school community better and hopefully be glad that they voted me.

Rothwell Captains

Olivia Cardwell | Captain's Address

For me, leadership is less about changing the world and more about valuing the everyday things that we can do to positively impact on someone’s life. Something I’ve always admired about past captains is their ability to connect with younger students. Whether it be a smile in the hallways or a conversation outside a classroom, it’s these small moments that can make the world of difference in other people’s lives. And if I can be remembered in this way, then I have achieved all that I set out to achieve this year.

I am humbled to have been selected as one of the school captains for 2021. Alongside the incredible team that have been chosen, I know that we will be able to leave a lasting legacy on the college. We aim, ultimately, to rebrand the culture of the school and build quality relationships between the grades. This is no easy feat, but we are super excited to see what can be achieved this year because for us, there are no limits. 

Thomas Grills | Captain's Address

Why was I interested in becoming School Captain? I loved the opportunity the role would possess and that I love connecting with people and I thought I could do that well through the role. Also enjoyed the ideas of the responsibility and being a role model for younger students.

As a captain, I am most excited about the opportunity to lead the school in a manner that is respectful and uplifting to other students. I look forward to the connections that will be made through this role and the memories that will be created.

As long as I am someone that people look up to and feel like they can approach me comfortably, then I think I have done my job properly. Everyone is equal regardless of badges and whatnot so I would like to create an environment where we can be easily approached by anyone at Grace.

Harper Hatchman | Captain's Address

I was interested in being school captain as I wanted to be able to work with the other students at Grace and create an environment they wanted to be actively apart of. I believe the most important trait to leadership is to listen to the people around you and take it all in. I believe a leader should do their very best to bring the visions and desires of the people around them as true as possible as well as encouraging them to accomplish their dreams.

By my fellow GLC students, I hope to be remembered as a kind person who was always there for the people she cares about. I also hope to be remembered as someone who works for the things they want in life. 

Zander Schweitzer | Captain's Address

I joined Grace Lutheran College at the beginning of Term 2 in 2018, back when I was still in Year 9 and it has to be one of the best things that has ever happened to me, even though I had no idea at the time. Since my time here I have made so many fantastic friends and had so many experiences that I will never forget. From going to Googa with my mates all those years ago to now captaining the school, it has been quite the journey.

I compare leadership to flying a plane, and I feel as though the leadership team and myself, have been handed the controls by the staff and our peers and we are now steering Grace Lutheran College to its next destination. We are extremely appreciative that the school has invested their confidence in us, and we look forward to the year ahead and the positive impact we can have on the lives of those around the school.

Middle School Leaders


Caboolture Captains

Reilly Coe | Captain's Address

Ever since I first saw the school captains at my primary school I thought: “that’s who I want to be!” But when I came to Grace the same thing happened, I saw the middle school captains and school captains and thought “wow wouldn’t it be amazing if that was me” and here I am!

As a school captain I want to help the students by allowing them to speak their minds and allow them to have a say on what things happen round school. I also want to grow a bigger connection with the school community so that as a student I can be trusted as a leader.

In my eyes a good leader is someone who has is committed to helping others be the best they can be, they can encourage and support all.  A good leader is optimistic, passionate, and genuinely concerned about those around them;  they are a good listener and show empathy when communicating with others.  Leaders need to be confident and courageous, responsible, and committed, while always ensuring humility and kindness.

I want to be remembered as a great middle school captain who helped students and teachers alike and who was a great role model to students overall.

Yoshara Wijayatunga | Captain's Address

From the minute I left primary school I was ready to go to high school and kick start my high school/teenage life; I was pumped with energy and so excited! When I learnt I was going to Grace, I will be honest with you, I was sad because I wanted to receive an owl and go to Hogwarts and learn some real magic. But nonetheless I was still happy to be enrolled to Grace Lutheran Caboolture. There I was a 12-year-old ready to start my Grace experience. But I will leave that story for another time. When I heard the announcement that I could run for middle school captain I was thrilled at the idea. I had always wanted to be middle school captain, partially because I wanted to lead others in many ways possible and help boost people’s confidence, but the other part of me wanted to be middle school captain because I wanted to be alongside my brother (Dineth Wijayatunga) who is the current school captain because he has always inspired me to be the best person I can be and has showed me that I can do anything.  

As a student leader I have many goals and plans to help the school grow and become the best it can be. Like the quote from Spider Man says: “with great power comes great responsibility”- Uncle Ben. With the responsibility and opportunities, I have been given, I know I obviously cannot have crazy goals like, build a giant locker just for me to store my things in or things like that. But, as a leader, I wanted to lead students and direct them into the right paths. For example, in my grade I have always noticed that people have been afraid to talk to others or try new things. My goal is to change that and to guide/direct students into the right paths and encourage them to try things out of their comfort zones. 

Anyone can be a leader, but to be a good leader you need to show the right characteristics. I believe a good leader should demonstrate kindness, friendliness and they should act like a role model. I think these characteristics make a good leader because these are vital characteristics in not only being efficient but also making everyone happy. I also think a leader should show Grit, Growth and Grace. I know 2020 was not the best year and challenged many of us to be able to show those three things, but I truly believe a leader should always demonstrate those characteristics no matter what the circumstances are.


Rothwell Captains

Timothy Bishop | Captain's Address

As a captain, I want to be seen as  someone who is approachable and easy going. My goal is to be the best man I can be, and I hope to be remembered as always working to better myself and those around me.

Sophia Covic-Deem | Captain's Address

Being a student of the college since Grade 7 I have seen the past captains contribute a positive outlook to the grace community. This has inspired me to try my best to follow in their footsteps. To contribute a positive outlook, to put a smile on other students faces and to be the best role model I can possibly be.

Once my role as middle school captain has ended I would love to be remembered as someone that is approachable and easy to get along with. I say this because even once my role has finished I would love to be a positive influence or someone that people are okay to talk to about their worries or concerns. 

Tiana Doyle | Captain's Address

From a young age I have been very much involved in community and service activities. Throughout my primary school years, I engaged with multiple public speaking events and workshops leading me to comfortably speak and connect with audiences. I have always looked up to my fellow peers, teachers and leaders. Having the opportunity to be a leader has always been an aspiration of mine, which has been encouraged by many. Having past experience with leadership (from primary school years) and a strong relationship with my peers lead me to the great role of captaincy here at Grace. 

What traits are most important to leadership? The ability to voice/lead others but most importantly the important traits of compassion, listening and patience. As a captain at Grace, I want to see students (especially minority groups) to feel valued and voiced.

Harrison Grills | Captain's Address

I have been interested in becoming a Middle School Captain ever since I heard of the role. I really like the achievement that comes with this role and the responsibilities of being a captain.

I want to try and make the school community a friendly place for all people at GLC and all students and I also want to try and make everybody in this community to feel valued.

I believe respect, the ability to listen to others and also resilience. I believe this because you have got to respect peers, teachers and parents, listening to others is a skill not many people have, and it makes others feel valued if they have a say in something. Everyone will go through a hard point in their life, especially as any sort of leader, the ability to get back up is super important.

Caboolture Campus Student Leaders
Faith & Service Captains
Senior School: Emelia Parsons, Adedayo Bolarinwa
Middle School: Erin Taylor, Gabriella Porter
Academic Captains
Isabella Stimson, Kayla Stefanac
Antares House Captains
Amy Leech, Charlize Petty, Isaiah Brady
Orion House Captains
Isabella Wiggins, Kyla Smith, Thomas Wilson
Pegasus House Captains
Catherine Nugent, Lauren Muller, Cooper Flannery
Phoenix Captains
Casey Pendall, Emmerson Brady, Johren Al Hinai
Sport Captain
Jonothan Boyle,
SRC Chairperson
Sophie Mcintyre
Performing Arts Captain
Charlotte Mckinnon
Instrumental Captain
Elizabeth Houston
Vocal Captain
Chloe Norton
Technical Captain
Talon Viloria
Film & TV Captain
Molly Leyland
Visual Art Captain
Sari Conte
Dance Captain
Macy Jaffrey
Drama Captain
Charlee Mckinnon
rothwell Campus Student Leaders
Faith & Service Captains
Senior School: Lily Baker, Isabella Braid, Llainey Murphy, Peter Savage
Middle School: Emily Anstee, Abbie McDonald, Keenan Martin, Lucas Want
Academic Captains
Senior School: Jemma Campbell, Patrick Hassall, Trinity Leach, Cassidy Morton
Middle School: Damien Bennett, Oscar Briggs, Ruby Misso, Jack Perkins
Antares House Captains
Senior School: Sabine Pfluger, Matheo Roberts, Rhonan Bath
Middle School: Bennett Cooper, James Mayne, Jasmine Whale, Mia Zietsch
Orion House Captains
Senior School: Anthony Corroy, Lauren Nettleton, Breanon Quaill, Thomas Streets
Middle School: Maya Denousse, Gracie Jenner, Flynn Martin, Zane Pendlebury
Pegasus House Captains
Senior SChool: David Adeniyi, Madison Bocking, Timothy Jenkins, Eliska Pettit
Middle School: Mikayla Sanderson, Mitchell Seamer, Jacob Storey, Phoebe-Maree Waterton
Phoenix House Captains
Senior School: Mackenzie Brown, Kade Graffen, Shantal Naidoo, Zanda Taborsky
Middle School: Sebastian Day, Jacob de Leeuw, Lara French, Holly Wright
Performing Arts Captains
Amelia Carter, Sean Dunlop
Intrumental Captains
Elise Banks, Keegan Rourke, Bibianna Nona
Vocal Captain
Lily Gravestock
Drama Captains
Jade Andrew, Chloe Mason
Dance Captains
Catherine Bell, Isabella Caniglia, Layla Schweitzer, Holly Grace
PALS Leaders
Lucy Dry, Isabelle Fergusen, Mitchell Hecke, Zac Kelly
SRC Leadership team
Robbie McRae, Sora Yanagi, Poppy Atkins, Truce Harper
Sports Captains
Lauren Brauer, Tayla Brown, Samuel Jays, Ryan Taylor
Visual Art Captain
Emma Salmon
Film & TV Captain
Phoebe Price-Barker

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