Academic Enrichment

At Grace Lutheran College, we recognise that all students have gifts and talents that require stimulating and challenging learning programs. Our Academic Enrichment staff strive to meet the needs of these gifted students with unique learning experiences and opportunities.

At Grace Lutheran College, our Academic Enrichment Department supports students who are:

  • Intellectually gifted; or
  • Demonstrate high levels of academic talent for their age within a given field or subject.

The College recognises the unique learning and personal needs of gifted students. The Academic Enrichment Program of the Grace Lutheran College incorporates dedicated staff who case manage our gifted students, partnering with the child, their teachers and their parents in order to achieve best outcomes. 

Our Academic Enrichment staff are experienced in supporting students with perfectionism, anxiety, twice exceptionality, organisational struggles, time management challenges and study skill needs. Individualised Academic Enrichment Plans are written for gifted students, identifying their areas of strength and growth. Co-curricular competitions and excursions are also on offer for these students. 

All students at Grace Lutheran College can also apply for the Ignite Excellence Programs. These programs are for students who are demonstrate high levels of talent within particular subject areas. Students do not have to be in the Academic Enrichment Program to qualify for the Ignite Excellence Programs.

Programs & Opportunities


Ignite Excellence

Grace Lutheran College offers a broad range of exciting programs for students who are academically gifted or show exceptional talent in particular learning areas. These gifted and talented programs cover English Literature, Mathematics, Science, Dance, Music, Sport, FLEX (Foreign Languages Excellence) and Robotics. 

Designed to engage and challenge passionate learners, these programs are built to meet the needs gifted and talented students by providing opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and motivation required to excel in their area of talent. SomeIgnite Excellence programs (such as Mathematics, Science and English Literature) offer specialised classes and can attend a calendar of extra curricular school excursions, opportunities, events or mentoring. These can include cultural activities, international tours and competitions - such as our FIRST Lego League Robotics competitions. 

The Grace Lutheran College Caboolture and Rothwell campuses each offer a selection of Ignite Excellence programs for students. These are tailored to meet the gifts and talents demonstrated across the cohort.

Students must apply to take part in Grace Lutheran College's gifted and talented programs. Applications can be submitted to the Academic Enrichment team, and applications can be submitted prior to starting at Grace. 


Bright Minds Festival

The Bright Minds Festival is a premier program for primary school students in North Brisbane and Moreton Bay. The Bright Minds Festival seeks to 'engage-inspire-unite' bright young learners, empowering them to become tomorrow's leaders, innovators and change-makers. It is open to students in Prep - Grade 6 from any primary school.

Academic Enrichment Activities Breakdown
Academic Enrichment Program
Individual case management and personalised Academic Enrichment Plans for gifted and academically talented students. A holistic approach that assesses individual academic, social, emotional and organisational needs. Coordinated by Academic Enrichment Staff.
Ignite Excellence Programs & Co-Curricular Opportunities
Classroom programs and extra opportunities for students demonstrating high levels of talent in a given subject area such as English, Mathematics, Science, Dance, Music, Foreign Languages (FLEX) or Sport.
Bright Minds Festival (Year 1-6)
An annual festival for primary school aged students, incorporating a range of engaging and challenging workshops.

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