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Grace Lutheran College Caboolture is our new campus located on the Sunshine Coast. It offers extensive academic and extracurricular programs to students, build on a foundation of Christian Faith and personalised pastoral care. With a “village community” feel to the campus, all the students are well known and valued by all staff.

Students at Grace Caboolture enjoy state-of-the-art facilities that have been designed with the learner in mind. This includes flexible learning spaces, modern learning technologies and specialist facilities for dance, vocational training and lifestyle technologies.

Students at Grace Caboolture are able to experience a Lutheran education from Prep to Year 12, with St Paul’s Primary School positioned next to the campus. 



At Grace Lutheran College we believe that each child should be given the opportunity to discover who they are and what they love doing. We know that not everyone is a scholar or good with their hands or on the sports field or dance floor. We do know, however, that everyone is good at something. Our role is to help them uncover this.

The Grace Lutheran College Curriculum aims to build confident and independent learners with our student-centered learning programs. Our approach goes beyond the standard Australian Curriculum and offers students countless opportunities to discover their own gifts and talents. 

All students at Grace Lutheran College study a core curriculum of English, Science, Mathematics, Physical Education, Outdoor Education, Chpale and Christian Studies. Every Grace student will also have the opportunity to take part in specialised learning areas, such as our robotics programperforming arts program and sporting program. Students can choose to continue these through high school as elective subjects.  This large range of subject offerings is very popular with Grace students and their families.

Our curriculum also offers Learning Enhancement opportunities, including accelerated programs for advanced learners, gifted and talented programs and extensive learning support services for students. These programs span Year 7 to Year 12 and may be tailored to each student's needs.

In Year 10, students take part in our 4-week Googa Outdoor Education program where they explore independence, personal growth and Christian Faith. In their senior years, Grace Lutheran College offers work experience, accredited VET courses and recognised university subjects to students. Each may complete these while still attending high schools - opening up early career pathways and employment opportunities. 

At Grace, students are also encouraged to participate in the wide range of co-curricular opportunities, camps and events on and off campus. 



At Grace Lutheran College, we strive to provide exceptional extracurricular activities to our students. Our co-curricular programs offer a diverse range of cultural, spiritual and academic opportunities that enrich student learning and grow Christian Faith. 

Our calendar is packed with activities for students, including school excursions, overseas tours, sporting competitions, schools clubs and fundraising events. These can be onsite at our Caboolture or Rothwell campuses, or involve national or international travel.

At Grace, all year levels regularly run AWARE Days and other college-wide fundraisers, such as Shave for a Cure and the Kokoda Challenge. They also participate in service learning projects within the community, and run supportive student clubs such as Ladies Chill'n'Chat and Men's Shed. International Partnerships Programs enable students to travel overseas for service learning experiences in Indonesia, Cambodia and Uganda, or to take part in student exchange programs. In Australia, our performing arts programs put students on the stage with dance competitions, instrumental tours and school musicals.

Students also represent Grace Lutheran College on the sporting field, with teams across local netball, cricket, basketball and touch football leagues. College-wide activities such as swimming carnival, cross country and triathlon allow students to represent their school house and collect points towards Grace Lutheran College Sport awards.


Caboolture Facilities

Built in 2008, Grace Lutheran College Caboolture is our new and rapidly growing campus on the on the Sunshine Coast.

It offers exceptional learning facilities fort students, digital resources and modern technology for learning and promoting spiritual growth.

Comprised of 13 purpose-built structures, the campus includes air-conditioned classrooms, a chapel, dance studios, science laboratories and covered sports courts. It also boasts expansive sporting fields perfect for outdoor activities and sporting programs. Students move between buildings through manicured gardens, and enjoy an open-air feel when traversing the campus. Student artwork is scattered across the campus, promoting the 'community feel' families have come to love. 

At the heart of Grace Caboolture sits the QUAD, which is used for school assemblies, awards ceremonies and special presentations. It also acts as a meeting space, and is used by students for classes and lunchtime activities. For families of students, 2020 saw Grace Lutheran College open the Grace Grind - a cafe open to students, staff and visitors to the Caboolture campus.


Leadership Team

Grace Lutheran College is lead by a dedicated team of teachers, innovators and life-long learners. Through their hard-work and christian faith, they strive to help each student to achieve their best at high school and beyond.


Caboolture Captains

An extract from Captains 2021: Getting to know our leaders, Grace Gazette (September 2020).

Morgan Adamski | Captain's Address

In 2021, my goal as School Captain is to bring a element of fun to the Grace Community. I want to further unite the middle and senior school through different activities and events around the school, allowing my peers to grow more connections with the people around them. I want to ensure each student is challenged personally but also celebrated for their achievements, while nurturing the tight knit community we have at Grace Caboolture.    

From grade 7 until now, all the past school captains that have represented Grace Caboolture have been so engaged and passionate about leading by example and being a positive member of the school community. They chose to be heavily active in all the opportunities that Grace provides and uphold a mannerism of positivity and grace. I am inspired by their well collected, genuine, fun and prideful aura they created for themselves and how they so willing sacrificed so much time and effort to ensure they were the best servant leaders to their peers around them.

I hope to be remembered in the Grace community as a person who strives to be positive, friendly, and genuine. I want to be remembered as someone who instead of took any opportunity head on and encouraged students around me to do the same. My goal is to be someone who is an accountable support system and worked hard to encourage fellow students to step out of their comfort zone, helping students to grow personally, spiritually and academically. 

Dineth Wijayatunga | Captain's Address

There were many reasons that led me to be interested in the role of School Captain. Perhaps it was the chance to create some positive change, or my competitive edge that wanted to beat the tough competition, but what I think was the driving force was the fact that I have the power to make a difference that really pushed me to go for the position.

With this role, I want to bring the community closer together. I want to do this through creating better bonds between each grade. Now you might be wondering how I’m going to back up this bold claim and to that my answer is I will involve all of the students in a variety of activities that will show the diversity of the community leading people to witness the positivity of the community and hopefully see that everyone is approachable regardless of grade. I want to do this to break the imaginary shackles that bind us to our grades. 

I would like to be remembered by fellow students as a very fun, approachable guy who was always willing to help instead of “that one captain who I saw on assembly every week”. I would like the students to  get to know me personally and ultimately remember how I helped make the school community better and hopefully be glad that they voted me.

Academic Enrichment

At Grace Lutheran College, we recognise that all students have gifts and talents that require stimulating and challenging learning programs. Our Academic Enrichment staff strive to meet the needs of these gifted and talented students with unique learning experiences and opportunities.

At Grace Lutheran College, our Academic Enrichment Department supports students who are:

  • Intellectually gifted; or
  • Demonstrate high levels of academic talent for their age within a given field or subject.

Gifted students who join the Academic Enrichment program receive personalised support and individualised Academic Enrichment Plans, identifying their areas of strength and growth. Co-curricular competitions and excursions are also on offer for these students, as are accelerated classes and learning opportunities.

All students at Grace Lutheran College can also apply for the Ignite Excellence Programs, as part of our Academic Enrichment activities. These programs are for students who are demonstrate high levels of talent within particular subject areas - not just academics. Students do not have to be in the Academic Enrichment Program to qualify for the Ignite Excellence Programs.


Learning Support

Grace Lutheran College is committed to supporting the learning of all students so they may achieve their best. 

As part of our Learning Enhancement program, our team of Learning Support teachers provide exceptional support to students, while our digital and learning resources are available to assist with exams, assignments and classroom learning. 

Working with Year Level Coordinators, Career Guidance and Grace's own School counselling team, students can feel fully supported as they progress through high school and confident in achieving their academic, personal, practical and career goals.


Career Support

At Grace Lutheran College, we understand the importance career guidance plays in helping students plan their future after high school.

Our award-winning Careers team can help guide and support students as the plan their future career, or prepare for university, TAFE or other tertiary study. With our Career Support programs, students can complete TAFE courses or University subjects during high school. Students can also experience hands-on work experience and industry training that will help them get ahead in their chosen career.

All students have different career aspirations and goals, and are often at different stages of their career planning journey. Our Careers team recognises this, and aims to support every student in finding their own path to career success. 


After-school Tutoring

Grace Lutheran College offers students and families complementary after school tutoring as part of their school fees. 

Students can head to the library after school, and find a tutor to help with homework, research or assignments. All our tutors are current university students with exceptional academic records.

Each tutor offers specialised tutoring in their area of expertise. This may include mathematics, science, english, literature or languages. Student can visit the library to check the current tutoring timetable and find a suitable tutor. Students can then meet with their tutor in the library after school during their designated tutoring time.