Careers Support

Grace has an award-winning Careers Education and Advice program offering established links with universities, TAFE, Registered Training organisations and practical work experience.

Choosing a career after high school can be a daunting prospect. It is easier to make these decisions if you have plenty of information on hand and a great support team.  

At Grace Lutheran College, we understand the importance career guidance plays in helping students plan their future after high school.

Our Careers team can help guide and support students as the plan their future career, or prepare for university, TAFE or other tertiary study. With our Career Support programs, students can complete TAFE courses or University subjects during high school. Students can also experience hands-on work experience and industry training that will help them get ahead in their chosen career.

All students have different career aspirations and goals, and are often at different stages of their career planning journey. Our Careers team recognises this, and aims to support every student in finding their own path to career success. 


​Vocational Education & Training

Vocational Education and Training (better known as VET), is a national system designed to skill workers in important trades and industries. VET in schools began in the early 1990s and school-based apprenticeships and taineeships (SATs) have been available for over ten years.

At Grace Lutheran College, our VET pathways are designed to help students get the experience and qualifications they need to start their chosen career. Vocational education and training can support a student's academic learning, or provide a valuable alternative to students who prefer practical learning. 

Students can complete Certificate Courses, Apprenticeships, Trainee-ships, and other work placement opportunities as part of Grace Lutheran College's VET Program. 

Students can choose a VET pathway for many reasons:

  • If they want to enter a trade (eg plumber, chef)
  • If they are not sure about going to university
  • If they are struggling with academic subjects
  • If they want to get started in their chosen career or trade
  • As a fallback for a low ATAR score

Completing Vocational Education and Training grants students:

  • Points towards a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) - A Certificate III equates to 6-8 points
  • Nationally recognised qualifications and trades skills
  • A second pathway to university, as a Certificate III, IV or Diploma can be converted into an OP score

VET in school courses may also be available one day per week through TAFE Colleges and private training providers.



School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SATs) allow students to earn qualifications and start their career while still in high school.

Students completing an apprenticeship or trainee-ship are employed one school day per week, with weekend and holiday work. The training provider covers the theory and the practical portion is undertaken in the workplace. The benefits of SATs can include:

  • An early start on a career path
  • Earning money while learning
  • Points towards QCE

The Grace Lutheran College VET Department and Careers Support team can help students looking to start a school-based apprenticeship or trainee-ship. For information, please visit the following resources:


Certificate Pathways

At Grace Lutheran College, students in Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 can choose to study certificate courses as classroom subjects. These certificate courses can help student to gain points towards their QCE, or to get qualifications and experience in their chosen career. 

Grace Lutheran College offers certificate courses in the following industries:

  • Business
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Fitness
  • Hospitality
  • Music Industry
  • Visual Arts
  • Vocational

For additional information about our certificate courses, read the Caboolture Curriculum Guide and Rothwell Curriculum Guide.


Trade Skills Centre

Grace Lutheran College's Trades Skills Centre offers students the opportunity to learn a trade or complete VET certificate courses as part of their high school studies.

Located at our Rothwell Campus, our Trades Skills Centre was built using Federal Government Grants to help address local skills shortages in the trades of cabinetmaking, carpentry, general construction, engineering and metal fabrication. 

Our Trades Skills Centre has an engineering workshop, a combined furnishing and construction workshop, a preparation area, a theory room and a covered outdoor work area for larger projects. Students use specialised tools and equipment to gain qualifications in construction, engineering and furnishing. This training gives students fundamental skills in a variety of trades, which they can then apply to further vocational training, apprenticeships or trainee-ships.

We are currently offering our students training in many VET certificate and training courses, including Certificate I in Construction (CPC10111), Certificate I in Furnishing (MSF10113) and Certificate II in Engineering Pathways (MEM20413)

Grace's VET and Careers Support team also work with local businesses to help students access apprenticeships and trainee-ships in their chosen trade.


Work Experience

Work Placements

Grace students can get hands-on experience with work placements. These may be part of VET courses or Vocational training, school-based apprenticeships or trainee-ships. Work placements can help students to gain experience in their chosen career or industry, and build connections with potential employers.

The Careers Support team work with students to coordinate work placements as needed, and are an valuable source of industry connections. 

Work Experience

One of the highlights of Year 11 is the Work Experience program conducted through the VET Department. The work experience week is an exciting opportunity for students to explore career pathways, gain confidence in the workplace and to demonstrate their capabilities to employers. This can lead to a part-time job, a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship, or help the students decide on their future career path. Teachers who visit the students are always impressed when they see our Grace students at work!

Grace students in previous years have been able to gain hands-on experience in Medical Research, the Defense Force, Law, Physiotherapy, Engineering, Trades, Radio and Hospitality, just to name a few.

Students will also have another scheduled career planning interview towards the end of Year 11. They will be able to discuss their work experience placement and any impact this may have made on their career goals and aspirations. As students are nearing the end of high school, this interview also provides an opportunity to review their Year 11 results and plan for Year 12.


Interview Program

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 will have a minimum of four interviews with a Careers Advisor over the three years, with students encouraged to seek additional careers guidance as needed. Students in younger grades are also welcome to book an appointment with the Careers Support team to help with their career planning and aspirations.

Careers Planning Interviews

Each student will have their first scheduled Career planning interview in Year 10. This helps them to prepare for Year 11 and Year 12, and to be begin to plan their career pathway and any tertiary study. 

Prior to their Career planning interview, students will complete an online career assessment that helps them to tap into their strengths and interests. This is a great starting point for them to explore their career options before meeting with the Careers Support team.

In the interview, students and their Careers Adviser will discuss:

  • Year 10 subject choices and progress
  • Early thoughts on career planning, tertiary/university courses and Year 11 subjects
  • An overview of the subject selection process and the information students can access
  • Their SET (Student Education and Training) Plan*

*In Term 3, in consultation with parents, students will complete a SET (Student Education and Training) Plan. This is used to plan the student's career and learning pathway through their Senior years of high school and can be adapted if needed.

University, TAFE and Tertiary Study

By the time the students reach Year 12 they are looking forward to an exciting new phase of their lives. This means preparing for university, TAFE or planning their career after high school. 

The Grace Careers Support team help Year 12 students with planning their future pathway, and can offer information, guidance and reassuring suggestions as the year progresses. 

To help with this process, Year 12 students complete two interviews with their Career Adviser in preparation for graduation. 

Interviews include topics such as:

  • Study skills including time management
  • Extra-curricular commitments
  • Thoughts on post school directions, including TAFE, University, Apprenticeships and going into the workplace 

We also provide access to a number of helpful resources and information including:

Parents and Career Planning

Parents play a vital role in helping students make educational choices and career decisions. As students reach their final years of schooling, your input becomes more important. Conversations you have with your child around their interests, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, skills and values can prove both helpful and insightful in forming their career choices and plans for the future. 

The Careers Support team at Grace offers a number of services to help parents guide their child through this journey, including:

  • Interviews to seek information or to discuss your child's particular needs
  • Phone conversations to clarify doubts, concerns or questions you might have
  • Grace Careers website, which has a section specific for parents

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