Learning Support

To support, through collaborative partnerships, a whole school commitment to effective teaching and learning of students with specific educational needs.

‘Bridging the Gap’ Mission Statement

Grace Lutheran College is dedicated to supporting the learning of every student, and ensuring the needs of each child are met and supported.

Learning Support is allocated to identified students based on their learning needs. Students who identify as ‘English as an Additional Language or Dialect’, Indigenous students, as well as students with specific learning difficulties or disabilities are eligible.

On entry to the College, all students are tested using AGAT. Further testing may occur in other years as required.

Learning Support Eligibility

Learning Support is allocated to the following students on a needs basis.

Students with an Educational Adjustment Profile (EAP): 

- Autistic Spectrum Disorder

- Intellectual impairment

- Physical impairment

- Vision impairment

- Hearing impairment

- Speech and language impairment

- Social emotional disorder

Students with a Professional Diagnosis Requiring Educational Support

- Central Auditory Processing Disorder

- Severe ADD, ADHD

- Acquired brain injury

- Dyslexia/Dysgraphia

Students with English as an additional language

Students with Aboriginal Or Torres Strait Islander heritage

Learning Support Programs

As part of our Learning Support program, students gain access to a number of facilities and support resources.

In-Class Support:

Learning support students work with specially trained Teachers Aides, and have access to modified classes and facilities to meet their learning needs. Students and families also work with Year Level Case Managers to help students learn at their own pace.

In-class support facilities:

- Teachers Aides

- Year Level Case Managers

- Supported Learning Classes (SL) at discretion of Learning Support Coordinator

- Modified programs, teaching styles  and adjusted learning environments

- Additional equipment as needed, including Readers, Scribes, Note takers and the use of audio visual equipment

- Use of Grace's After School Tutoring program

Mental Health and Wellbeing:

Grace's own School Counsellors work with our Learning Support students to help them manage their workload and promote positive learning. 

Learning Support students may also meet with our visiting Psychologist, and may also receive special considerations in the classroom.

Senior School:

In their senior years of high school, Learning Support students can receive additional guidance to help them towards graduation and their personal career goals.

Grace Lutheran College's Learning Support and Careers staff will help students with their Subject Selection and choosing of careers pathways, in addition to planning for University or other tertiary study. 

Senior School Learning Support:

- Addition guidance for subject selection and career pathway planning

- Provisions for QCS Exam (Queensland Core Skills)

- QTAC Support

- Pastoral Care and Social Support

Additional Support:

All Learning Support students may be eligible to use Need Specific Aides in their learning.

Other in-class support may also be made available to Learning Support students at the discretion of the Head of Department and if sufficient resources are available at the time.

Learning Support Provisions

Learning Support students at Grace receive certain provisions for exams and other assessment. 


Learning Support students may receive additional time, resources and support when completing exams. These are determined by the Learning Support Coordinator, based on the QCAA guidelines for each disability of disorder.  

Learning Support Exam Provisions:

- Extra time

- Reader, scribe or laptop

- Withdrawal for block exams

- Provisions for NAPLAN and QCS tests

Assignments and In-Class Assessment

When completing assignments and other in-class assessment, Learning Support students can access additional resources to assist in their learning. This may include additional time, equipment or aides to help them complete assignments to the best of their ability.

Assignment Support Provisions:

- Extra time

- Individual assistance (Teachers Aide)

- Audio Visual Equipment

- Scaffolding and explanation

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