GEL Program

Grace Lutheran College is committed to the spiritual, emotional and social development of all individuals in the Grace community.


Grace Lutheran College has a culture which strives to be Christ-centred, worshiping God and caring for individuals. We aim to create a caring environment which promotes the wellbeing and academic progress of young people. By acknowledging each student as an individual child of God, we can build quality relationships and care for each individual.

What is the GEL Program?

The GEL program is a support and guidance program offered to each student at Grace Lutheran College. At Grace, we believe that it is important that each student feels he/she belongs to their community and has the fullest possible opportunity for spiritual, personal, social, physical and academic growth.

Such care is expressed through a personal commitment by staff members to each individual student; a commitment to what that student is and what he or she can be. This is communicated through informal and formal activities in the classroom and across the college, where an atmosphere of respect, support and love for the student as a child of God is maintained. It involves a whole school approach, proactive and preventative, for the welfare of all members of the community.

What are GEL Classes?

As well as the daily contact with and role modelling of staff, Grace Lutheran College provides a formal program of individual mentoring and support of each student in GEL Classes.

On enrolment at the College, students are placed in one of the four house groups and then in a smaller GEL class within that House. A GEL teacher becomes the mentor of each student and wholistically supports the development of each individual in the GEL class. They may continue to care for them throughout the journey from Year 7 to Graduation. In this horizontal structure, the program for each year group is organised and supervised by the Year Level Coordinator, each year having a different program to meet the needs of the growing adolescent.

Student Services

A range of student support options are located at Rothwell in the The Hub and at Caboolture in Student Services. These student service areas are designed to bring together all the services available to support students and parents at Grace Lutheran College. These specialist support services include Learning Support, Vocational Education Training, Academic Enrichment, Careers Guidance, and Year Level Coordination.

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