At Grace Lutheran College, we strive to provide exceptional extracurricular activities to our students. Our co-curricular programs offer a diverse range of cultural, spiritual and academic opportunities that enrich student learning and grow Christian Faith.

At Grace Lutheran College, we aim to celebrate the gifts and talents of every student. Our extensive co-curricular program offers opportunities to suit any interest or skill level, and encourages students to be active members of their community.

Co-curricular activities can include overseas tours, service learning projects, performances, sporting competitions, schools clubs and fundraising events.

These can be onsite at our Caboolture or Rothwell campuses, or involve national or international travel.


Faith & Service

At Grace, our aim is to help students grow spiritually, emotionally and academically. We do this with an integrated Faith and Service program throughout our Curriculum, Co-curricular activities at events at the college. 

Students from Years 7 to 12 attend weekly Chapel Service in the Grace Lutheran College Chapel. This is performed by our School Chaplains and Ministry team. All students also take part in Christian services throughout the year, including Easter, Ash Wednesday and our Opening and Closing Services. Once a years, students can also enjoy EXO Day - a whole school festival onsite at Grace Lutheran College, celebrating that "Life is EXO-llent with Jesus".

In the classroom, students are supported with a Christian pastoral care program called GEL (Grow. Empower. Learn). Home class teachers support and mentor students as they progress through high school, and help them to grow emotionally, spiritually and academically. 

Students also take part in Service Learning programs within their subjects. This includes fundraising and running AWARE Days in Christian Studies and Business education, or sewing garments and gifts to be donated to Aged Care Facilities and other community service organisations. Grace students can also attend organised youth camps, christian events or school clubs like Men's Shed and Ladies Chill'n'Chat

In Year 9 and Year 12, students are elected as the Faith and Services leaders of the College. The Faith and Service captains work with the Grace Ministry team to support and promote Christian Faith across Grace Lutheran college and into the local community. 


School Clubs

Students at Grace Lutheran College have the opportunity to pursue co-curricular activities across many different areas, including:

  • Academics
  • Creative Industries
  • Events
  • Lifestyle Technologies
  • Ministry
  • Performing Arts
  • Robotics
  • Sport
  • Service

These Co-curricular activities may take the form of official school clubs, sports teams, performance ensembles, weekly programs, special events, or other Grace-led initiatives. 

Grace students are always encouraged to make connections and take an active part in their community. For this reason, we make an active effort to provide an extensive list of opportunities to accommodate every student's gifts and talents.  

To see the full list of opportunities available at each campus, please review the Caboolture and Rothwell Co-curricular Offerings flyers.



The Grace Calendar includes a large number of nationally-recognised and Grace-specific events. Students are encouraged to play an active role in these activities whenever possible, and continue to fundraising and awareness opportunities.

Annual events include:

  • Athletics Day
  • ANZAC Day
  • Ash Wednesday
  • AWARE Days (Each term)
  • Careers & Tertiary Studies Expo
  • Cross Country
  • Dance Showcase
  • EXO Day
  • Film Night
  • Grace Celebrates Graduation
  • Healthy Minds Expo
  • International Womens' Day
  • Music Showcase
  • Open Day/Open @ Twilight
  • Say NO to Bullying Day
  • Swimming Carnival
  • Triathlon
  • World's Greatest Shave
  • Year Level Camps/Retreats/Googa

For a full list of all upcoming events, visit the Grace Calendar.


FIRST® Robotics

FIRST® Robotics is an internationally acclaimed robotics program that inspires a passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics in young people.

Grace Lutheran College has an extensive partnership with FIRST® and the many robotics competitions and challenges they offer.

Grace was the first school in Australia to host a FIRST LEGO League event in 2014, with the program now running in over 50 schools across Australia. In 2015, Grace students were also the first in Queensland to develop a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) robot - the highest level of school-based robotics in the world.

Students can join Grace's Robotics teams to take part in these local, national and international robotics competitions.

Students use Grace's state-of-the-art technology labs to build and code their robots, then battle it out in robotics coding challenges. Students must use their knowledge and skills in robotics to reach certain goals, often under a stick time limit.

Grace Lutheran College is currently responsible for Australia's FIRST Tech Challenge robotics competition and hosts the national FIRST Tech Challenge championship every December.

On the global stage, our robotics teams regularly represent Australia at the FIRST Lego League Global Challenge. Grace students have traveled to Washington DC, Mexico City and Dubai since the inaugural event in 2017. Grace has won a Silver Medal at every event, and our robotics students have build friendships they maintain to this day.


Ignite Excellence

Grace Lutheran College offers a broad range of exciting programs for students who are academically gifted or show exceptional talent in particular learning areas. These gifted and talented programs cover English Literature, Mathematics, Science, Dance, Music, Sport, FLEX (Foreign Languages Excellence) and Robotics. 

Designed to engage and challenge passionate learners, these programs are built to meet the needs gifted and talented students by providing opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and motivation required to excel in their area of talent. 

Some Ignite Excellence Programs (such as Mathematics, Science and English) are facilitated via specialised classes in those subject areas (during the timetabled school day). Other Ignite Excellence programs and opportunities are co curricular.  Ignite Excellence students also have the opportunity to attend a range of events (including our FIRST Lego League Robotics competitions) and receive mentoring in their area of talent. 

Grace Lutheran College’s Caboolture and Rothwell Campuses each offer a selection of Ignite Excellence Programs for students. These are tailored to meet the gifts and talents demonstrated across the cohort. 

Students must apply to take part in Grace Lutheran College’s Ignite Excellence Programs. Applications can be submitted to the Academic Enrichment team,

by the end of Term 2 of the year prior to entry.  Late applications are accepted all year, but subject to availability.


Grace Academy

Grace Academy is an exciting community initiative of Grace Lutheran College. It aims to promote the performing arts to students across North Brisbane and Moreton Bay through exciting music, dance and drama classes.

Grace Academy offers programs that encompass the traditional arts areas of dance, drama, media, music and visual art. It provides high quality arts experiences to our students and to the broader Moreton Bay regional community through tuition, ensembles, vacation programs and short courses.

Students from Grace Lutheran College are welcome to join Grace Academy and participate in their range of performing arts programs. Students can take part in co-curricular activities, such as dance troupes, school musicals and Concert Band, or curriculum subjects such as our Ignite Excellence: GAME ON Music Extension Program. Different dance, drama and music programs are available to students at our Rothwell and Caboolture campuses, and students may travel between the two campuses for certain programs and events. 

Students outside of the college can also join Grace Academy for after-school performing arts programs, including instrumental and dance classes. These are open to children of ANY age, starting from just 5 years old.

As part of our Partner Primary Schools Program, Grace Academy also offers a number of performing arts activities in the areas of music, dance and drama at Living Faith Lutheran Primary School (Murrumba Downs) and St Paul's Lutheran Primary School (Caboolture).

The Grace Academy staff are a passionate and energetic team of teachers and industry professionals who have a love for their art forms and take great joy in helping their students develop and share their gifts in an encouraging and protected environment. 

For further information about the Grace Academy Performing Arts programs, please contact us or email:

Mrs Rachel Howley
Director Grace Academy


Grace Careers

The Grace Careers website is our school careers and pathways website. It provides information for students and parents around career planning and future pathways. It is managed by our Careers Support team, and regularly updated with valuable resources for families.

Grace Lutheran College students can use the Grace Careers website to find comprehensive and up-to-date careers information, regular career newsletters and a calendar of important events. Students can also use the secure portal to complete career related tests, assessments, create resumes and generate portfolios.


Grace Swimming

Located at the Grace Lutheran College Rothwell, Grace Swimming offers swimming lessons, swim squads and swim coaching to students and the greater community. The aquatic centre features both heated and outdoor pools, in addition to exceptional swimming instructors and coaches. Swimming lessons range from babies up to adults, and new swimmers are eligible for a free swimming assessment. 

Grace Lutheran College students can take part in regular swim squads or swim meets with other high school students. Swimming Intensives and swim coaching programs are also available for aspiring young athletes and professional swimmers.

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