Subject Selection 2025

Rothwell Campus

The curriculum journey at Grace is a carefully designed framework that allows students to steadily develop their personalised pathways at the College from Year 7 through to Year 12.

Choosing your subjects

To find out about subjects offered at Grace:

  • Read the subject descriptions in these Curriculum Guides
  • Ask Heads of Department and teachers about particular subjects
  • View the videos about specific elective subjects located on the Grace Lutheran College website
  • Ask questions about content and assessment types  
Years 8 - 9

Year 8 & 9 Student Information

As students transition through Year 7 into Senior School, a student’s subject preferences will become more evident.

It is suggested that subjects be chosen based on the following:

  • Subjects which the student enjoys, is engaged in with an appropriate challenge
  • Subjects in which the student has experienced some success in studying
  • Subjects which help meet the student’s career aspirations or will keep options open
  • Subjects which develop skills, knowledge and attitudes useful throughout life

Year 8

Subject selection in Year 8 encourages students to maintain a breadth of learning with students selecting their 4 electives (2 x electives per semester)

Year 9

Subject selection in Year 9 encourages students to maintain a breadth of learning with students selecting their 3 electives for the whole year.

Years 10 - 11

Year 10 & 11 Student Information

For choosing subjects in Year 10 and Year 11, students should study subjects which meet the following criteria:

  • Subjects which may be prerequisites for further study (see below for further information)
  • Subjects which a student enjoys
  • Subjects in which a student has already experienced some success
  • Subjects which provide an appropriate challenge to the student
  • Subjects which will help a student reach a chosen career pathway or keep a wide range of options open
  • Subjects which will develop skills, knowledge and attitudes useful throughout the student’s life

Students need to decide about a combination of subjects that suits them.

It is important to remember that all students are individuals, and that their needs and requirements in subject selection will be quite different from those of other students.  This means that it is unwise to either take or avoid a subject because:

  • Someone told them that they will like or dislike it
  • Their friends are or are not taking it
  • They like or dislike the teacher
  • ‘Only boys or girls take that subject’ (All subjects are equally available for all students)

Students need to be honest about their abilities and realistic with their career goals.  There is little to be gained by continuing with or taking advanced levels of subjects that have proved difficult, even after students have put in their best efforts.  Similarly, if career  goals require the study of certain subjects, students must consider if they have the ability and determination to work hard enough to achieve the necessary level of results in those subjects.

Planning your QCE Pathway

This online guide from the QCAA will help you understand the requirements for the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), explore your learning and career goals and develop a draft outline of what your QCE pathway might look like.

Use this guide in conjunction with the information provide above, the Curriculum Guide and the subject videos to make decisions about subjects.

Tertiary Pre-requisites

There are determined by individual tertiary institutions and are available on the QTAC website in the My Path Guide for Tertiary Entrants.

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