Creative Industries

At Grace Lutheran College, students are encouraged to explore their creativity and expression through visual art, film-making, design and digital technologies.

Students at Grace may study the creative industries as curriculum subjects or co-curricular activities. Creative industries subjects at offered at all year levels as part of the college curriculum, or students can choose to join school clubs such as Film & TV Club, Film Crew or Art Club. As part of the Grace Lutheran College Film Crew, students regularly attend college events to capture photos and videos for social media, the yearbook and the school archive. 

Student studying the creative industries regularly host art exhibitions and film nights for their friends and families to enjoy. Some may choose to enter their work in film competitions or art awards, which is always eagerly supported by the Grace Lutheran College community. 

Creative Industries opportunities:

  • Art Club
  • Film Club
  • Film Crew (Event photographers/videographers)
  • Film Nights
  • Art exhibitions and awards
  • Film competitions
  • Certificate Pathway: Visual Arts

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