After School Tutoring

Grace Lutheran College offers students and families complementary after school tutoring as part of their school fees.

Students can head to the library after school, and find a tutor to help with homework, research or assignments.


After School Tutors

Grace Lutheran College employs after school tutors to help students with their homework, research and assignments. All our tutors are current university students with exceptional academic records.

Each tutor offers specialised tutoring in their area of expertise. This may include mathematics, science, english, literature or languages. Students can visit the library to check the current tutoring timetable and can also arrange to meet with their tutor in the library after school during their designated tutoring time.

Caboolture Campus Tutors

2024 Library Tutor


The Grace Lutheran College Library provides students with a wealth of resources to use in their learning. Students have access to an extensive digital database, along with audiovisual, electronic and physical resources such as books and films. Students can borrow resources to help with learning, assignments or to enjoy recreationally. Students can suggest additions to the library, and use the space to study or meet for school clubs.

The Rothwell Library is open during term time, Monday to Thursday from 7.30am to 5.30pm. On Friday, the Rothwell Library is open from 7.30am to 3.30pm. After school tutoring is available to all students in the library. Tutors can help students with assignments, research and homework.

The direct contact number for the Rothwell Library is 07 3897 2131.

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