Subject Selection 2024

Welcome to Subject Selection for 2024!

This year, we are once again offering our students and families the opportunity to complete their 2025 Subject Selection online. 

In this web portal, you will find links, instructions and information to assist you in selecting your subjects for 2025. In conjunction with your Curriculum Guide, we ask you to use this portal to explore our subject offerings and learn more about the areas you want to study at Grace. 

Please follow the instructions below, and remember to contact the Teaching and Learning team for any questions and support.

Navigating Subject Selection


1. Explore Subjects

Once you arrive at your Campus Web Portal, you will find information regarding the subject selection process specific to your campus. You will also find instructions on choosing your subjects and submitting your preferences. 

Remember, be sure to contact the Teaching and Learning team for your campus directly if you have any questions about this process. 

Select the button appropriate to you and you will be linked to your Year Level Web Portal. Here you will find videos covering each of the subjects available to your year level. 

Please review each one carefully, and be sure to consider your interests and long term goals when selecting your subjects.


2. Select Subjects

Follow all of the advice available to you in the Curriculum Guide and also review the videos to consider your subjects.


3. Submit Preferences

You will receive an email through Student Services early in Term 3 with information about how to submit your preferences for next year. 

The subjects that you select, and the preference order you place them in is the driving influence over the development of the timetable for 2024.

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