Caboolture Tuckshop

The College Tuckshop is open Monday to Friday for breakfast, recess and lunch.  A fantastic range of hot and cold food items are available, all freshly made each day.  A Summer Menu is available for Terms 1 and 4 and a Winter Menu for Terms 2 and 3.


Trading hours are as follows:

Breakfast     7.45am – 8.20am
Recess     10.35am – 10.55am
Lunch     12.35pm – 1.24pm

The P&F rely heavily on the valuable assistance of volunteers to enable prices to be maintained.  Approximately 2 helpers are required each day to allow efficient preparation and serving support.  The hours are approximately 8.30am to 1.00pm, although these times can be flexible to suit individuals.

The tuckshop is always seeking volunteers, so if you can spare 1 day a month or just a couple of hours here and there, please phone our friendly Tuckshop staff.