School Captains - Caboolture

Meet our School Captains for 2018 and learn what Grit, Growth and Grace means to them:

Simaima Gordon, College Captain

"Leadership is the ability to take charge when others are looking for a figure to look up to. It is the ability to listen to others and create an environment that is best for their team. Leadership is not dictatorship, an individual should lead to inspire rather than use their authority to order others around and in doing so they should take others ideas into consideration. A leader is a friend, they are a person who views others as their equal, and they are a genuinely all rounder person. This is what leadership means to me. As School Captain for 2018 I wish to be all of these things. Additionally, I also wish to strongly unite all other senior and middle school leaders to create a team that the students can rely on. A team that is optimistic, willing to participate and sacrifice their time for the students of Grace Caboolture. I value teamwork and mateship the most and I am honoured to stand beside what I believe to be the most amazing school leaders of 2018.

To accomplish this, it is important to follow not only the morals of Grace College, but to use Grit, Growth and Grace. Grit is hard work. As a Year 12 student I know that I will have to use grit to achieve the results I want to, but as a leader grit will also include being enthusiastic, dedicated and supportive towards every individual student. This year I would not only like to watch myself grow but I would like to encourage each student to take a step out of their comfort zone so they can grow with me. Grace is a school that provides opportunities and caters for every student and because of this I wish to do my best to encourage each student to join an ensemble, became a member of a crew, put in more time into their education and most importantly enjoy the Grace experience. This is the growth I wish to achieve. However none of this could be accomplished if it wasn't for the grace of God. To me grace means to be kind and to be a friend to everyone. With these three qualities I believe that not just myself but anybody can have the potential to be the best that they can be.

Grace College has provided me with not only a quality education but with opportunities that have shaped the person that I am today. I can never thank the teachers of Grace Caboolture enough for the support and commitment that they have given me. I have never overlooked or unappreciated the long hours and extra effort that they have put in to ensure that I can achieve my best. For this reason I wish to give back in every way that I can and be the best leader that I can be. What once was a shy and not-so-little Year 7 is now a confident and happier year 12 student, and I only have the people at Grace Caboolture to thank for that.

So after five years of being a student here’s to the last, marking six years where I have the opportunity to be a School Captain. Thank you Grace Caboolture, it’s going to be lit fam."

Mallory Gardner, College Captain

"To me, Grace Lutheran College Caboolture is a place of Grit, Growth and Grace which to me means a community in which we learn to be persistent and resilient in our ambitions, a warm community that allows us to mature in a positive and friendly environment and a community that allows us to explore our own faith and values.

My aims in 2018 are to help sculpt and define the culture that is Grace Lutheran College Caboolture, create a more positively social community and build on top of the exceptional foundation that is Grace College’s learning environment.

To me, leadership is about helping and empowering others to be their best but at the same time, leadership is not about leading by position, but rather leading by personality. I have never experienced a community like Grace Lutheran College Caboolture; one that you can walk into feeling warm and secure and most of all, accepted no matter how you differ from others around you.

I have two extremely memorable moments at Grace Lutheran College, the first being Googa. Googa is a place of growth like no other. I learnt the importance of responsibility and mateship alongside my friends and I would give anything to have the opportunity to do it all again. My second most memorable memory is when my friends and I all shaved our heads for the World’s Greatest Shave, and the reason is that we were all a little terrified, but together it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life know that we help make a difference."             

Morgan Adamski, Middle School Captain

"To be chosen as the 2018 Middle School Captain, I find it is a privilege and a challenge that I am looking forward to. Grace Lutheran College has given me endless opportunities around the school community that has opened my eyes and has helped me become the person I am today.

Grace shares a message of Grit, Growth and Grace, but what does that mean? To me Grit, Growth and Grace is the school, the community it has formed and the people within. The definition of grit is courage and resolve, the strength of character.

To see my fellow peers having a go at something that may be out of their comfort zone makes me see Grit in them and makes me want to be the best leader I can be for them and others.

Seeing our little campus just turn 10 years old, shows Growth in our community and how an idea can lead to something much bigger.

Finally Grace. Grace is my school, your school, our second home. It is a safe place that we can learn and grow into the people we are and will become.

Believing in these characteristics of our school, my aim as the Middle School Captain is to show leadership to inspire, help and be equal with my fellow peers and the College staff. With the help of Simaima, Mallory and Dineth I hope that we can turn our goals into a reality.

I look forward for what comes in 2018 and are proud to be standing next to Simaima, Mallory and Dineth as School Captains."

Dineth Wijayathunga, Middle School Captain 

'Leadership: the action of leading a group of people or an organization, or the ability to do this.'

“I think that leadership is more than just directing people or organising the best way to complete a task. Leadership is about communicating with your peers and guiding them all the way through. When being a leader you must bear the burden it carries, but great leaders ‘hold themselves up to a high moral standard, higher than what’s expected of others.’ These are the core concepts that make a good leader. Leaders strive to make their community great by being an exceptional role model. Leaders must have humanity, integrity, and courage to what is rightful for the school and their community.

Our school values these three words above all else. They are: Grit, Growth, and Grace. These words may seem small but to the students of the collage they are the words that we value most. Grit is the ability to never give up even if you are unexperienced or afraid. Growth is the ability to learn new concepts and to have a willing and open mind that can grip challenging processes. Grace is our devotion to God and his ever loving and forgiving nature.

My aims for this year is to make Grace Lutheran Collage an even better community. One that supports people and cares about the wellbeing of not just their peers but of the wellbeing of the school as well. I want for the students to help uplift the school to reach greater heights; whether that be in co-curricular activities or through winning a trophy.

This school and being a leader mean a lot to me. Therefore, I take being a leader passionately. I want this school to grow and achieve amazing things at the time I am at this school, and I want to have a valuable role in doing so.”