VET Options

Vocational Education and Training (better known as VET), is a national system designed to skill workers to work in particular industries.

VET in schools began in the early 1990s and school-based Apprenticeships & Traineeships (SATs)have been available for over ten years.

There are many reasons to choose a VET pathway at Grace Lutheran College, including:

  • if you want to enter a trade (eg plumber, chef)
  • if you are not sure about university
  • if you are struggling with academic subjects
  • if you want to get started in the area that you are passionate about
  • if you want a fallback option in case you don’t get the OP you need.

A VET pathway offers:

  • Points towards a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). For example, a Certificate III equates to 6-8 points
  • Nationally recognised qualifications and trades
  • The ability to still get into University as a Certificate III, IV or Diploma can be converted to a ranking equivalent to an OP of 15 or better.

VET in school courses are available one day per week through TAFE Colleges and private training providers.


School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships are also available. Students completing a SAT are employed one school day per week, with weekend and holiday work. They are paid to work but not to train. The training provider covers the theory and the practical portion is undertaken in the workplace. Our students find the benefits of a SAT include:

  • An early start on a career path
  • Earning money while learning
  • Points towards QCE

There is a wide variety of courses and apprenticeships available. Please follow the links below for more information:

  • BNIT (Brisbane North Institute of TAFE)
  • Southbank TAFE
  • MSIT (Metro South Institute of TAFE)

Our VET programme has illuminated the possibilities for many of our students. Here’s a testimonial from one such student:

“VET has helped me out so much because I was thinking of leaving school at the end of Year 10,  I didn’t see the point of getting an OP when I did not need one.  But I soon  realised  that more and more employers are  looking  for a QCE on your resume. I chose the option of the VET programme and I have loved, and still love, every minute of my TAFE beauty course.” -Aleta, Yr 12 Student-

For more information , please book an appointment with Ms Jones (Head of Vocational Education and Training) at ‘VT’ Block or call 3897 2153.

For more information on Vocational Education and Training in Queensland, please visit the following websites:

  • QLD Training Information Services
  • QLD Studies Authority (QSA)
  • Department of Education & Training