Careers After Grace

Choosing a career following secondary school can be a daunting prospect. It is easier to make these decisions if you have plenty of information on hand and a great support team. Grace has an award-winning Careers Education and Advice program and an established link with universities, Registered Training organisations and industry.

Grace Lutheran College understands the important role that career guidance plays in helping young people make the many decisions that they face as they transition through school and into the rapidly changing career landscape beyond school. The student-centred approach of our Career Guidance team recognises that students have different career aspirations and are often at different stages of their career journey.

Structured Interview Program

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 will have a minimum of four interviews with a Careers Advisor over the three years, with students encouraged to seek additional guidance as needed. Students in younger grades are also welcome to book an appointment through the Careers Office.

Year 10

Students will have their first scheduled Careers interview in Year 10 at which point students are preparing to make decisions about their program of study for Years 11 and 12. Prior to this meeting, students will complete an online career assessment, tapping into their strengths and interests - a great starting point for further career exploration in our first meeting. Other topics which may be discussed include:

  • Year 10 subject choices and progress
  • Early thoughts on career choices and Year 11 subjects
  • An overview of the subject selection process and sources of information that students can access.

In Term 3, in consultation with parents, students will complete a SET (Student Education and Training) Plan. This is used to inform the student's learning pathway through their Senior years of education and can be adapted if needed.

Year 11

A highlight of Year 11 is the Work Experience program which is coordinated through the Careers Team. The work experience week is an exciting opportunity for students to explore career pathways, gain confidence in the workplace and to demonstrate their capabilities to employers which could lead to part-time employment, a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship. Teachers who visit the students are always impressed when they see our Grace students at work!

Grace students in previous years have been able to gain hands-on experience in Medical Research, the Defence Force, Law, Physiotherapy, Engineering, Trades, Radio and Hospitality, just to name a few.

Students will also have another scheduled Careers interview towards the end of Year 11 where they will be able to discuss their work experience placement and any impact this may have made on their career goals. As students have almost completed their first year of the Senior phase, this interview also provides a very timely opportunity to review Year 11 results and any implications for Year 12.

Year 12

By the time the students reach Year 12 they are looking forward to an exciting new phase of their lives. For some, the process of continuing their careers journey beyond Grace can be daunting, as they are facing a number of important decisions and options.

The Grace Careers staff are here to support that decision-making process with a listening ear, information and reassuring suggestions as the year progresses. Recognising the importance of their final year of schooling, the structured interview process continues with two interviews scheduled for Year 12 students.

Interviews include topics such as:

  • Study skills including time management
  • Extra-curricular commitments
  • Thoughts on post school directions

We also provide access to a number of helpful resources and information including:


Parents play a vital role in helping students make educational choices and career decisions. As students reach their final years of schooling, your input becomes more important. Conversations you have with your child around their interests, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, skills and values can prove both helpful and insightful in forming their career choices and plans for the future. The Careers Team at Grace offers a number of services to help parents guide their child through this journey, including:

  • Interviews to seek information or to discuss your child's particular needs
  • Phone conversations to clarify doubts, concerns or questions you might have
  • Newsletter articles and Grace Careers website which has a section specific for parents.