At Grace we are known as the ‘Ministry Team’. The team is made up of Pastor Jim Strelan (School Pastor), Rosie Thomas (Youth Chaplain), Aaron Moore (Youth Intern), Gordon Rackley (Head of Service/Ministry Department), Debbie Lapham (Administration Assistant) and Dale Dearman (School Counsellor). Kris Forman is the chaplain at Caboolture.

At the Rothwell Campus, you can find us in the Grace Chapel ‘under the cross’. Walk across the bridge and turn left. At Caboolture, the team are out and about, and administration staff give support through organising appointments when needed.

The Ministry Team is responsible for fostering the spiritual life of students and staff at the College and for helping to enable students and staff to live life to the full. We aim to do this through worship, service opportunities, one on one pastoral care, small and large group programs and special events such as EXO Day. We are ably supported in these endeavours by a wonderful team of students led by the Faith and Service Captains.

All students participate in Chapels weekly and during this time we aim to give students the opportunity to connect with God, themselves and others; to hear God’s message; and to participate. It is our aim to help students achieve a sense of belonging as they experience friendship and the love of their heavenly Father as taught to us by Jesus. As well as ministry team staff leading chapel services, other staff and students have opportunities to lead. We also welcome folks from outside the community to share their experiences and ideas about life and God.

The goal for the girls’ ministry is that young ladies at Grace will grow to be confident in who they are, as an individual within a group and to make a difference in the world. A large team of Middle School and Senior School girls run events and lead programs that encourage the goals of Sisterhood. Girls’ events occur at lunchtimes as well as some ‘Girls’ Nights’ held here at the College.

Boys’ ministries at the College, including Men’s Shed, is an opportunity for male staff members to share with students their different viewpoints on being a man in our modern society. The male chaplaincy staff work with students to run these initiatives which have been well received by both Middle School and Senior School students.

"Service Learning is Lutheran Education’s cross-curriculum priority – it is 'serving in the way of the cross. Service is the response of the child of God to God’s grace and goodness towards us. We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4: 19… Service is response to our gifting – what we have been given.” (Rev. Terry Unger – LEA Website)

Service at Grace: our goal is to create a community where service is an integral part of both curricular and co-curricular programs, where students and staff automatically think outwardly and consider service as both an essential quality but also as a valuable educational process. At the moment, Grace has several excellent Service Learning experiences and is actively engaged in many fundraising and charitable programs. As we move forward, the vision is to transform fundraising and charitable programs to be more effective for the beneficiaries but also more educationally rewarding for the participants. We envisage programs that result in life-long changes in attitudes and values where it is an automatic response to serve.