Caboolture School Captains

Joshua Oakes

I started at Grace in Year 7, and my time here over the past five years has been enjoyable, with many memorable experiences. I have taken advantage of the many opportunities that the College has provided for me, thriving on the experiences and challenges offered. During my time at Grace Caboolture, the community feel has allowed me to get to know many of the teachers well and this has made it easier for me to interact with them and my peers to achieve well at school.

The school leaders of past years have modeled well what it is like to be a School Captain. Not just speaking at assembly, but doing simple things that can make a difference, such as putting on a smile, having a positive attitude and taking the time to talk to younger students that they didn’t even know. I know that these simple gestures made my day, so I would like to replicate these gestures of kindness and perhaps make someone else’s day just that little bit better.

Being a leader to me is not directing your peers but helping and encouraging them to be the best person they can be. I believe the best leaders in today's society are not boastful or looking for recognition, however are the ones who work alongside others to get things done, helping others to achieve their potential, because it is the right thing to do, and not because they will be commended. This is the leadership that I would like to leave as my legacy at Grace Caboolture.

Madi Stibbe

From my first week at Grace in Year 7, I looked up to the School Captains of 2015. Their actions, I noticed with the most impressionable of attitudes. It wasn’t so much their confident voices on assembly but rather their respect to younger students and friendly smiles throughout the day that resonated with my idea of what a leader should do.

Last year, when myself and my three co-captains were elected, the role we had been entrusted with, began to sink in. For me, it was an honour to have the same opportunity as the College Captains of 2015, who’s actions, no matter how big or small, left an impression on me which left me wanting to bring the best version of myself to school every day.

My goal as a School Captain of 2020 at Grace Lutheran College is to have the same effect on the future school leaders that I experienced during my younger years at the College. If I can put a smile on the face of a middle school student, encourage my peers to work hard and maybe make someone’s day just a little bit better, I will be happy with the impression I’ve left on the people around me this year.