Trades Skill Centre

Thanks to Federal Government funding, Grace recently built the Pathways Trades Skills Centre at the Rothwell Campus to help address local skills shortages in the trades of cabinetmaking, carpentry, general construction, engineering and metal fabrication. Students from Caboolture Campus travel on Grace buses to Rothwell for subjects at the Trades Skills Centre.

We are currently offering our students training in Certificate I in Construction (CPC10111), Certificate I in Furnishing (MSF10113) and Certificate II in Engineering Pathways (MEM20413). We have engaged local industry to make sure that the training we deliver is to industry standard and to help students to access apprenticeship opportunities while still at school or after graduation.

The Pathways Trades Skills Centre has an engineering workshop, a combined furnishing/construction workshop, a preparation area, a theory room and a covered outdoor work area for larger projects. We have purchased specialised tools and equipment to deliver specific training in qualifications in construction, engineering and furnishing. The training covers the fundamental skills required in a variety of trades that will be valued by future employers in these trade industries.