Senior School

Grace Lutheran College is configured into Middle School (Years 7 – 9) and Senior School (Years 10 – 12). This enables staff to maintain the “small school feel” that so many visitors to Grace comment on, and to meet the needs of the students in these differing age ranges better.

The Pastoral Care programme in the Senior School focuses on empowering and equipping students to be worthwhile contributors in their community and protectors of their environment.

Senior students generally have the same pastoral care teacher for the three years. They meet with the students every morning and for an extended session once a week. Some focus areas in this time are leadership development, careers guidance, alcohol and drug awareness, caring for others, cyber bullying and mental health.

Seniors celebrate school life through House sporting competitions, joint worship at chapels and formal occasions. Physical activity is encouraged through a compulsory physical education and sports programme. A wide variety of activities are offered within the sports programme ranging from interschool team activities, to recreational sport such as surfing and walking and a wide variety of extracurricular sports.

Extensive Performing Arts and Creative Arts opportunities exist for students with interest in these areas.

The College camping programme involves a 4 week outdoor activity in Year 10 (Googa), a Leadership camp in Year 11 and a three day retreat in Year 12.

All students in the Senior School study English (Senior English or English Communication in Year 11 and 12), Mathematics (Mathematics B, A or Prevocational), Religion and Ethics / Christian Studies, Core Physical Education and four electives from a selection of over 30 subjects.

Students are very fortunate to be able to access subjects in a wide range of disciplines and suitable for differing interests and ability levels. The College provides excellent facilities such as a state of the art commercial kitchen, well appointed visual and performing arts, industrial technology and physical education facilities as well as many modern, air conditioned classrooms and computer laboratories. The fully air conditioned library caters for many classes every day by providing reading spaces, computer access and research facilities.

Grace Lutheran College provides many opportunities for students to access alternative pathways through school-based apprenticeships and traineeships as well as Certificate courses through TAFE colleges and other providers. Extension opportunities are also offered through the QUT Start programme, whereby students may study university subjects during Year 12, attending the QUT campus as designated for their subject’s lectures and tutorials. English Extension (Literature) and Music Extension are QSA subjects offered to Year 12 students only.

The scope of opportunities available to students of the 21st century brings with it much stress. Students have to deal with part time work, high involvement in organised activities such as sport, performing arts, church youth groups and the like as well as a heavy load of school work. Many also have difficulties at home with which to deal. An important aspect of our care for students at Grace is to assist them to cope with their academic studies. The Dean of Studies, Careers Counsellors and Year Level Coordinators are all available to help students with appropriate subject selections, organisation of their time, goal setting and the making of any necessary changes which may be required when circumstances change.