Learning Support

‘Bridging the Gap’ Mission Statement
To support, through collaborative partnerships, a whole school commitment to effective teaching and learning of students with specific educational needs.

Learning Support is allocated to identified students based on their learning needs. Students who identify as ‘English as an Additional Language or Dialect’, Indigenous students, as well as students with specific learning difficulties or disabilities are eligible.

Students can be referred to learning support by their parents, previous school, classroom teachers or through paraprofessionals such as paediatricians and therapists. Grace Lutheran College strives to support students in an inclusive manner, allowing them equitable access to all elements of school life.

The types of academic support available could include:

  1. In Class Support
    • Adjusted Learning Environment
    • Teacher Aide
    • Laptop, Scribe, Note taker, Reader
  2. Exam Support
    • Extra Time
    • Reader, Scribe or Laptop
    • Withdrawal for block exams
  3. Assignment Support
    • Extra time
    • Individual assistance (Aide)
  4. Technological Aides
    • Use of FM system
    • Audio Visual Aids
    • Need Specific Aids
  5. Pedagogy
    • Materials presented verbally and visually
    • Teaching Strategies to suit particular learning styles
  6. Learning Support Classes
    • Individual / small group (Aide)
  7. Modified Program
    • Provided for students who are unable to access the classroom curriculum due to their impairment. These students may not meet the requirements of an OP or QCE in the Senior School.
  8. Other Support:
    • At the discretion of the Head of Department and if sufficient resources are available at the time.