Ignite Excellence Programs and Opportunities

Our excellence programs and opportunities include outstanding initiatives in English, Mathematics, Science, Dance, Music, Sport, FLEX (Foreign Languages Excellence) and Robotics

Designed to engage and challenge passionate learners, these enrichment and extension programs are built to meet the needs of bright and academically talented students by providing them with opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and motivation required to excel in their studies.

2021 Ignite Excellence Programs and Opportunities 

Ignite Excellence: Mathematics and Science Program (Years 7 - 9)

For students in Year 7 who love Mathematics and Science, the College offers a combined Ignite Excellence Program. From Year 8 onward, the Ignite Excellence: Mathematics and Ignite Excellence: Science Programs are two separate entities and students can be in one, without being in the other.

Learn more about our Year 7 - 9 Mathematics and Science program via the Application package.

Ignite Excellence: English Enrichment Opportunities (Year 7 - 12)

Our English Enrichment opportunities are specifically designed to nurture and develop the talents of those students who are enthusiastic lovers of reading and writing. Through these opportunities, students can engage with a wide range of challenging and appealing texts beyond that of their year level, stimulating and developing their appreciation and analysis of great literature and the effective use of language to communicate cultural ideas, social messages and global themes. From extension reading options to writing workshops with University mentors, there is a host of opportunities available

The English Enrichment Opportunities are open to all interested students at the Caboolture Campus and are advertised on a Term basis via the Student Daily Notices. Learn more about our English Enrichment opportunities via the information package.

Ignite Excellence: "Game On!" Music Extension Program (Years 7 - 9)

An advanced music program offering young musicians specialised tuition, music theory, a second instrument of study (free), and a world of additional performance opportunities. Entry to this program is by application and audition. Learn more about our music extension programs via the Application package.

Ignite Excellence: Sporting G.O.A.L.S Program (Years 7 - 12)

A unique pathway for high achieving sports men and women where they can receive personalised coaching for their sport of excellence. Nutrition advice, sports psychology, fitness training, goal setting and coaching are part of this amazing program. Entry to this program is by application. 

Learn more about our excellence and extension programs for sport in the Application package.

Ignite Excellence: Flexible Learning Pathway (Years 7 - 12)

For students performing at a state, national or international level in their area of talent, who require a personalised and flexible school timetable to meet their extensive training or rehearsal commitments. Entry to this program is by application and audition. Learn more about our Flexible Learning Pathway via the Application package.

Ignite Excellence: Robotics Opportunities (Years 7 - 12)

A world of opportunities are available for students who desire to both excel in the area of Robotics and to connect with industry leaders in this ever expanding field. Students are able to become involved in a range of robotics opportunities throughout Years 7 to 12 at the College. Learn more about our robotics opportunities via the information package.

Ignite Excellence: Dance Development (Years 7- 9)

A co-curricular opportunity for Years 7, 8 and 9 students who are passionate about dance. Activities include workshops in nutrition, injury management, choreography, performance, and more. Learn more about our dance excellence and extension opportunities via the Application package.

Ignite Excellence: FLEX (Foreign Languages Excellence)

A co-curricular opportunities for Year 8 students who enjoy learning foreign languages. Students can participate in a fortnightly workshop where they can extend on and develop their language fluency whilst participating in a range of fun cultural activities. Learn more about our foreign languages extension opportunities via the Application package.

Additional Opportunities

The College also supports a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities, excursions and competitions for highly able students including the National Youth Science Forum, Bond University Mooting Competitions, Vice Chancellor STEM Camps at QUT, SPARQ-Ed Science Immersion Programs, Griffith University’s Equity Program, ICAS Testing, Regional Mathematics, Literature and Science Competitions, State, National and International Robotics Competitions and more.

Year 11 and 12 students also have the opportunity to pursue subjects offered externally from universities such as University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University, University of the Sunshine Coast, and University of Southern Queensland.

Contact Details

For more information about any of the above programs or to arrange an appointment to discuss your child, please contact Mrs L Forman (Academic Enrichment Coordinator) on (07) 3203 0066 or email our Academic Enrichment team.

For new 2021 enrolments, applications are to be received by the commencement of Term 3 2020. Late applications after this date will be considered, but subject to availability. Applications can be emailed to the Academic Enrichment team or provided in person to College Reception.