Rothwell School Captains

Tiger Lily Chau

I believe a true leader is someone as great as the people they serve in their community. They don’t choose to stand above or in front but to stand amongst their pupils as an equal. I believe in leadership that values compassion, charisma and confidence, as well as, integrity and selflessness.

The privilege of serving as a captain is beyond the badge but a chance to ignite change. To be a character who has the willingness to listen and to be available for those who seek to express their voice. For my final year of school - I want to show people the joyous feeling of being loved, included and empowered. To be someone who is a friend who inserts positivity at every given opportunity. To live a life full of love, would be the most adequate form of a life well-lived.

To continue the legacy of the previous captains. For 2020, my goal is to inspire change in the Grace culture. My journey at Grace has often evolved. My true realisation of my experience at Grace has been that I have an honest passion and happiness for coming to school. Because I truly believe that Grace has been a foundation for my growth as a young adult. The ‘2020 vision’ is to promote the true excitement and enthusiasm that students should feel when coming to school and growing in Grace. Blessed with my leadership team, I am confident 2020 will hold no limits but the sky. 

James Anthony Lee

From my first week at Grace in Year 7, I looked up to the School Captains of 2015. Their actions, I noticed with the most impressionable of attitudes. It wasn’t so much their confident voices on assembly but rather their respect to younger students and friendly smiles throughout the day that resonated with my idea of what a leader should do.

Last year, when myself and my three co-captains were elected, the role we had been entrusted with, began to sink in. For me, it was an honour to have the same opportunity as the College Captains of 2015, who’s actions, no matter how big or small, left an impression on me which left me wanting to bring the best version of myself to school every day.

My goal as a School Captain of 2020 at Grace Lutheran College is to have the same effect on the future school leaders that I experienced during my younger years at the College. If I can put a smile on the face of a middle school student, encourage my peers to work hard and maybe make someone’s day just a little bit better, I will be happy with the impression I’ve left on the people around me this year.

Teagan Emily Methorst

“Legacy is planting seeds in a garden you never get to see grow.” 

When I look back at the leadership groups that have come and gone throughout my time at Grace, some are remembered more vividly than others. Thinking about why, I found that what they all have in common is that the groups were able to respect and understand the responsibilities of their role without separating them from their grade or stopping them from enjoying their final year. They lead with kindness, compassion and respect for even the youngest members of the school community in a relatable way that made all feel welcome. 

Kindness has the ability to transcend all boundaries and make someone’s day so much better. It’s infectious in nature and yet some find it so hard to share. I’ve said it before but now more than ever I’ve found this so important. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about, so be kind always. Implementing this value is a priority for me. It is one of my greatest aspirations as a 2020 captain that my fellow captains and I can lead in a way that leaves a positive legacy as strong as those before us. So that in 2025 the current grade 7’s will look back and be able to remember us just as fondly as we remembered those before us and tend to the garden that we sowed the seeds for. 

Aidan Orsini

Since I began my Grace journey in 2015, I have been given ample support, knowledge and opportunity through many facets of life. I’ve been able to grow into the person I am today thanks to these things, and I will forever count myself as blessed to be given that privilege.

From my early days at Grace, I have always dreamt of being a leader, not in order to receive a fancy badge and title, but to serve those around me. I’ve always had admiration and respect for past leaders and have marveled at the legacy they have left on the college. The chance to give something back, through devoted service, to a community that has given me so much was too great an opportunity to pass. I, along with my three co-captains, am honored and humbled to be appointed to this role for 2020. 

I believe a true leader is someone who puts the needs of others before their own; someone who acts upon their words and works to be a role model for their peers. My goal as a Rothwell School Captain for 2020 is to be just that; servant, courageous and reliable. I will strive to be relatable and kind; and if I am able to make one person smile, encourage my fellow students to work hard and to enjoy life, then I will be more than satisfied with the impression I will leave on Grace.