Rothwell School Captains

Luke Basile, School Captain

My journey at Grace started when I arrived at the school in Year 8. When I first arrived, I didn’t realise the importance of the culture I had entered. It wasn’t until I met some of the leaders at Grace that I began to see the community I had become a part of. A community made of many individuals who constantly support not only each other, but the community at large, in every way they can. Ever since I met those leaders, I realised that I must do what I could to support the community which had given me so much joy, so I can reach out to those who are in a similar mindset to the way I used to be.

My goal for 2019 is to do as previous leaders had done for me, to inspire and mentor as many students as possible so they can get the most out of their time at Grace. And to have an impact on the path of students futures so that they can be the best people they are able to be.

Brooke McKenzie, School Captain

What does it mean to be a good leader?

A good leader is someone who is competent, caring and confident. They are dedicated and dependable, ambitious and approachable. They work with diligence to ensure no one gets left behind.

With the privilege of being the girls 2019 school captain, I am filled with a genuine desire to further improve the foundations on which the Grace community is based on. I strive to fulfil this through creating an environment that every member of both the internal and external community would feel welcome in. Along with the rest of the leadership team, I am confident in saying that we are prepared to do whatever it takes to complete our collective goal, of not only preserving the legacy left by previous leaders, but to build one of our own. 

Over the course of this year, I personally strive to work from within the students, and to lead with patience and guidance, rather than authority and dictatorship. I believe that everyone is equal, and we all posses the ability to lead each other, in our own unique ways.

Joseph Bowden, School Vice Captain

The common desire in a leader is competence and power. And I’m not referring to power in the ability to exert domineering power over others. Rather, power is competence and power is having the confidence, etiquette and dignity to bring issues to light and initiate change. 

I believe the role of college captain is more than merely a badge and status. Throughout my final year of schooling, I aim to remain diligent in my studies and to present myself as a positive leader and an excellent role model for students. I am committed to making no less than every effort required to represent our student body and college with pride. 

My motivation behind running for this position had proven difficult to determine however, I’ve come to realise that I care deeply about this college. The one under which I have built my social network of friends. The one allowing me to develop on my skills and passions. And of course, the one providing me with an education, the foundation of my future. I firmly believe that the challenges I am yet to face over the course of this year will allow me to further myself beyond these trademark brick pathways and brown uniforms. 

Lauren Gunstone, School Vice Captain

My name is Lauren Gunstone and I am the girl’s school vice-captain for 2019. An inspirational leader by the name of Nelson Mandela said, “It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front,” which sums up what I feel leadership is. It’s not about having a title or being on a pedestal. It’s about inspiring people and helping people to be more. As a leader I am not going to walk in front and say follow me; I will walk with my fellow students and say be inspired by me.

My mission for this year at Grace is to create a positive culture towards school life for those who are involved in this community. To be able to connect with students, teachers, staff, parents, everyone here at Grace and create a community where everyone is involved and collaborates is what I am striving towards this year.

As a captain I hope people will see me, along with my fellow captains, as a friend, a voice and someone who is always here to help. This year I am confident that as a community we can fulfil ‘Grit, Growth and Grace’ by finding strength in each other. And I hope as a leader I am able to help you do this.

Meet our Middle School Captains for 2019

James Marshall, Middle School Captain
Kira Wang, Middle School Captain