Middle School

The Middle School at Grace Lutheran College involves students in Year 7, 8 and 9. At Grace Lutheran College we acknowledge that every student enters the classroom at a different ‘starting point’ with various innate natures, talents, experiences, perspectives and desires unique to their own intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. The Middle School recognises that God made each one of us unique with our own gifts and that these should be valued and celebrated for every student.

To care for students holistically, the Middle School has a well developed Pastoral Care and Curriculum framework. The Middle School at Grace Lutheran College aims to deliver a rigorous curriculum in a Christ like manner that is accessible to all learners. The Year 7-9 curriculum is designed to prepare students for Senior School whilst being supported by the ACARA framework.

Middle School Curriculum Principles

Recognising that every student can learn and that everyone is held to high expectations
Providing all students with the knowledge and skills they need ‘to succeed in life’
Advocacy for every students rights to learn, providing challenging and relevant learning opportunities

At Grace Lutheran College we are mindful of the person your child will become and the world that they will enter as young adults. With this in mind, the Middle School values the importance of and balance between ‘soft skills’ and ‘hard skills’. The person they are and what they know have never been as equally as important as what they are in the 21st century. Therefore the importance of students being exposed to a contemporary curriculum is increasingly important.

A contemporary curriculum within the Middle School is designed around the following:


Year 7

Year 7 students move through an academic curriculum of compulsory core subjects of Christian Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, German, Japanese, Physical Education, eLearning and Sport. Students move through elective subject, studying two electives per term, these include: Creative Industries (Visual Art, Media), Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Drama), Technology (Food Studies, Creative Textiles, Design Technology).

Development of relationships between peers and teachers are further cemented through Pastoral Care lessons with their Home class teacher on a daily basis and a lively camping program for Year 7 which involves a 3 day / 2 night Pastoral Care camp in Term 1.

Year 8 & 9

Year 8 and 9 students study a compulsory core of Christian Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Physical Education and Sport with 3 electives chosen from the numerous that are currently on offer.

Relationships are further developed in Year 8 through a week long Pastoral Care camp which has been designed for students to focus on gender based issues and challenges and aims to teach your child many life skills essential for personal growth.

Various opportunities abound for student leadership with Year 9 students holding positions of:

  • Middle School Captains
  • Middle School House Captains
  • Middle School Faith & Service Captain
  • Middle School Academic Captains
  • Middle School Representative Council
  • PAL Positions (Peer and Leadership Support to Year 7 students)

Refer to the Curriculum Guides for further information in relation to the subjects offered.