Middle School

Middle School commenced at Grace Lutheran College in January 2008 in response to a growing need to cater for the unique developmental and learning needs of these middle years. Middle School involves students in Year 7, 8 and 9. The development of our students in all aspects of their life (social, emotional, physical and spiritual) is vitally important. 

To this end Grace Lutheran College has a well developed Pastoral Care and Curriculum base which caters to individual needs. 

Students in Year 7 are taught by two core teachers for a significant part of their curriculum and these teachers are also their Home class teachers. Development of relationships between peers and teachers are further cemented through Pastoral Care lessons with their Home class teacher on a weekly basis and a lively camping program for Year 7 which involves a 3 day / 2 night Pastoral Care camp early in Term 1. Relationships are further developed later in the year through a week long curriculum trip to Canberra.

Year 8 commences with a 3 day / 2 night camp focused on developing relationships for continuing students and helping our commencing students to find their feet. For many students in Year 8 their Homeclass teacher will continue to care for them all the way through to Year 12. Ample opportunities abound for student leadership with Year 9 students now holding positions such as Middle School Captain, Middle School House Captain and all Middle School students are able to participate in the Middle School Representative Council.

Our Middle School at Grace is founded firmly on the concept of “make their heads spin” (Professor Michael Barber MYSA Conference 2007). Knowledge of the individual student is used to monitor student performance against potential as our Year 7 students move through an academic curriculum of Christian Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, SOSE, German, Japanese, P.E., Creative Arts, Performing Arts, Technology and Sport. The academic core is taken by two teachers augmented by specialists in several areas. 

At the start of Semester 2 our Year 7 students consider their Year 8 & 9 opportunities. In these years students study a compulsory core of Christian Studies, English, Mathematics, SOSE, P.E. and Sport with 4 electives chosen from the 21 that are currently on offer. The use of technology and an understanding of literacy demands are features of these academic programs, and we believe that they prepare our students for the challenges of the Senior School and indeed their future career aspirations. Fundamental to all of this academic activity is development of the individual student that is paramount in both our overt and covert Pastoral Care programs and the extra curricular activities available to our Middle School students. 

Details and examples on many of these concepts can be found on this website that will allow you an insight into the workings of the College.