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At Grace Lutheran College, we recognise that all students have gifts and talents and require stimulating and challenging learning programs. We also recongise the unique learning and personal needs of gifted and academically talented students.

Our Academic Enrichment Department identifies and oversees students who are:

  • Intellectually gifted; or
  • Demonstrate high levels of academic talent for their age within a given field or subject.

There are 3 core elements to the Academic Enrichment provided at Grace:

Academic Enrichment Program Ignite Excellence Programs & Co-Curricular Opportunities Bright Minds Festival (Year 1-6)
Individual case management and personalised Academic Enrichment Plans for gifted students. A holistic approach that assesses individual academic, social, emotional and organisational needs. Coordinated by Academic Enrichment Staff.
Classroom programs and extra opportunities for students demonstrating high levels of talent in a given subject area such as English, Mathematics, Science, Dance, Music or Sport.
An annual festival for primary school aged students, incorporating a range of engaging and challenging workshops.

These 3 elements cater for the distinct and individualised needs of both gifted students and those with specific academic talent in a given subject area.

  • The Academic Enrichment Program provides plans and provisions for gifted students that encompass their academic, social, emotional and organisational issues;
  • The Ignite Excellence Programs offer specialised extension classes and opportunities for highly talented students in a range of subject areas.


The College recognises the unique learning and personal needs of gifted students. The Academic Enrichment Program of the College incorporates dedicated staff who case manage our gifted students, partnering with the child, their teachers and their parents in order to achieve best outcomes. Our Academic Enrichment staff are experienced in supporting students with perfectionism, anxiety, twice exceptionality, organisational struggles, time management challenges and study skill needs. Individualised Academic Enrichment Plans are written for gifted students, identifying their areas of strength and growth. Co-curricular competitions and excursions are also on offer for these students. Students do not have to be in the Academic Enrichment Program to qualify for the Ignite Excellence Programs. Our Ignite Excellence Programs are for students who are demonstrating high levels of talent within particular subject areas.


With specialised classes, curriculum programs and extra opportunities designed to meet the needs of these highly able students, Ignite Excellence offers a world of enrichment for your child.


Bright Minds Festivals are an annual event dedicated to primary age students. Designed to inspire, engage and unite bright young minds, participants have the opportunity to register to a range of workshops and activities.

The list of workshops on offer each year is extensive and often includes flying drones, cooking candy, writing creative stories, experimenting with chemical reactions, coding robots, tennis, sports science, hands-on building tasks and more. The Bright Minds Festival strives to showcase to students that a world of opportunities exists at Grace Lutheran College – no matter what their interest or area of talent.