School Captains - Rothwell

Meet our School Captains for 2017 and learn what the College's theme, Unite to Ignite, means to them:



Jessica Latter, College Captain

“As College Captain, I aim to nurture a healthy culture at Grace where students are accepted, comfortable and able to be themselves in an environment where every individual matters and is supported.

To me, 'Unite to Ignite' means connecting and building relationships with others which helps us to improve ourselves. It helps us to reach our full potential as individuals, as a school and a community. Personally, I can only reach new horizons and higher goals if I am working with others and gaining insight from them."                             


Nicholas Dalton, College Captain

“This year's theme, ‘Unite to Ignite’, is an acknowledgement that we are much stronger when we unite with the people around us, both those who we know, and those who we don’t. I know for myself personally, there have been many times when I’ve tried to tackle a task completely on my own. Unfortunately, I found that every time I tried this, it only ever ended in failure or stress. When it came down to it, I realised that I needed to put more of trust in the people around me and recognise that I’m not the only one who can get the job done.

I am so unbelievably proud of my school. It’s a certain feeling that can only be described by being a part of it yourself. The culture, and the nurturing nature of Grace is like nothing I’ve seen at any other school. The relationships that I have with both the students and teachers are something that I think is unique to Grace. I would, and have on many occasions, recommended Grace to anyone who asks me."


Rhianna Brown, College Vice-Captain

"This year's theme, Unite to Ignite, transcends being more than just a personal goal and reminder for me this year. I would not only like to connect with my school and ignite my own passions this year, but as a leader, I'd also like to encourage others to reach out further into the wider community and support and inspire others in their daily endeavours.      

Being here since Year 7, Grace has been an incredible support system for me growing up, especially in my teenage years. I'm beyond grateful for the opportunities the school has allowed me to explore in academics, performing arts, service learning and sport. These have allowed me to discover my true potential. The students and teachers I've met are people I'll never forget, as they are the ones that have made my schooling experience special.            

For me, getting the lead in the school musical, 'My Fair Lady', this year was a very memorable experience I'll remember for a life time. With musicals, we always come together (as cast, orchestra and crew) and bond as a family. That is something I'll miss the most when I leave Grace."

Andre Gronum, College Vice-Captain

"Leadership to me, is being able to effectively recognise the needs of others and diligently applying yourself to fulfilling those but while still retaining a strong moral compass. In this way, leadership is more akin to a role of servitude than simply directing others where to go. I would consider Christ to be the best example of a true leader; someone who leads by love and example.

Personally, 'Unite to Ignite' stresses the importance of working together as a community to achieve greatness and without the necessity of unity, no progress can be made. It is a recognition that every person is capable of enabling and contributing to the ‘ignition’ that positively affects our community. Indeed, without the participation of every member, we can never realise our fullest potential. The theme encapsulates these sentiments and serves as a reminder that we are stronger when we are together."


Heidi Kruger, Middle School Captain

"This year’s theme, to me personally, represents the power of community and how uniting or collaborating can lead to great success. Combining different peoples’ strength and working together, ignites sparks, interests and most importantly achieves goals.

Grace has provided me with so many thrilling and enriching experiences during my time at the college. One that stands out to me, would definitely be the Sydney Nationals Dance tour with Grace Academy. We were able to travel to Sydney and compete against other states of Australia. It was a once in a life time opportunity and so many unforgettable memories were made."


James Lee, Middle School Captain

"This year’s theme is very aligned to my personal beliefs and morals. To me I can see the theme demonstrated in a large proportion of school life already and I’m excited to see how this year’s theme helps us grow personally and as a college.To me school is a place that combines everything I love, I’m proud to be at a school where I feel completely comfortable with pushing myself to my limits and having some great times along the way. I’ve had some life-changing moments at Grace, if I had to choose one it would have to be meeting some of my great teachers, the teachers at Grace have completely changed some of my thoughts of school.

Fitness is a cause close to my heart, as an athlete myself, I get switched on with anything fitness or health related, I hate to see people uneducated about the dangers of food. I'm a very passionate person about my sport and I love to have a thorough understanding of the body and the way it reacts to food and exercise."