School Captains - Rothwell

Meet our School Captains for 2018 and learn what Grit, Growth and Grace means to them:                     

Annelise Elson, College Captain

"Grit, Growth, Grace are three simple yet powerful words that I believe aptly encompass our Grace community as a whole. My favourite aspect of Grace is our supportive community in which we are given various opportunities to grow from grit in all facets of life. Whether it be through academics, sports, or the arts, our community provides us with the basis to build individual character.

I have experienced significant growth during my two and a half years at Grace, and feel I am privileged to have been gifted with the opportunity to serve our community in return for what it has given me.

I believe the foundation of leadership is to influence. Influence is achieved through building connections and this, is a personal goal for 2018. I hope to connect with as many of our wonderful individuals, to listen and learn from them, as well as influence and empower them to develop the courage to experience growth throughout our year ahead."                               

Harrison Carter, College Captain

"I began my journey here at Grace almost five years ago when I started in Year 7. In my first few years at Grace I always looked up to my school leaders and thought wow, I wonder what it took for them to get there? I soon realised that each of them all walked their own path to leadership and I just had to find mine.

As years went on things in my life changed when my role model, my Grandfather, Bruce Carter, passed away. My Grandfather was one of the most influential people in my life and from him I learnt many lessons but without him I got lost on my own path to leadership. It took me awhile but I realised that although this was a sad point in my life, it was one of the most pivotal and I had to persevere.

From my Grandfather I learnt that leadership is communication, inspiration and impact. Communication is the language of leadership, with strong communication you gain trust and relationships. Inspiration, the ability to inspire people, is a true gift of leadership that allows you to help people to aspire to greater things. Having impact can change the course of someone’s future and as a leader this is what I aim to do for Grace.

As a leader of Grace for this year I wish parents, teachers and students a wonderful 2018 and look forward to growing with you all this year. "

Maigen Smith, College Vice-Captain

"My hope for 2018 is for it to be a year of the ‘ones’. That through leadership, Grace for me is not simply a mass, but instead a place full of ‘ones’. In 2018 we aspire for the College culture to continue to grow. A value driven mission, where each ‘one’ is cherished, each ‘one’ is named and each ‘one’ has a purpose and identity beyond being just a student.

Grace is so much more than a place of education. It is every single ‘one’ of the 1664 students and staff that make Grace Lutheran College the extraordinary place it is. It’s the teachers who go above and beyond to encourage both academic and personal success. It is the Year Level Coordinators and Home Class teachers who invest directly into your life, and the peers you can’t walk past without being met by a smile.

I believe that true leadership holds a far greater significance than simply a title. The very essence of leadership stems from relationships. Friendships which thrive through influence and not authority. I enter this year encouraged knowing that it is these friendships that will be central when remembering the six incredible years Grace has given me.

Ultimately, my prayer for 2018 is to serve not in my own strength, but to be first led by Christ. I hope this year to lead not out of my position, but instead out of my identity as a perfectly loved Child of God."  

Finn Larson, College Vice-Captain

“My view of leadership is not positional but relational. My aim is to really get to know younger students and act as their mentor. Through guiding others and sharing experiences, I believe I can begin to nurture a culture in which, as a mentor, my ceiling is their floor. A legacy in which I hope remains at Grace for years to come.

Through consistently creating challenges, I hope to promote growth, whether it be emotional, physical or academic. This is one characteristic that distinguishes our College culture. But Grace is a more than a school, it’s a community. It is a bigger movement of supportive teachers, parents and students which I feel privileged to be a part of and privileged to lead."

Middle School Captains

Jemma Campbell, Middle School Captain

"What a great honour it is to be Middle School Captain with Thomas this year. I’m truly grateful for all the support I’ve been given.

Every day at school, I see evidence of students achieving both collectively and as individuals far beyond their expectations through grit, persistence and encouragement. It is these leadership qualities I wish to focus on this year as Middle School Captain. I want to encourage students to grow by ‘setting the bar high’ and using all the amazing people at Grace to help them get there.

Grace College has enabled me to develop lifelong friendships, involve myself and experience new activities I never thought I would try but now really enjoy, like AFL and Performing Arts.

For me personally this year, I want to lead by example. I hope to grow by striving for excellence in all that I do while always being encouraging, loving and graceful. Also, to take myself out of my comfort zone knowing I have the support of the Grace community behind me and never forgetting to have a laugh along the way."          

Thomas Grills, Middle School Captain

"Grit, Growth and Grace can really challenge someone and bring a new level of confidence in other areas.This school means that I can connect with other people and create new friendships, especially as a new student. What I love about the school is that there are endless opportunities to do the sport or art or whatever you love. If you give everything a go, school becomes an enjoyable place to be.

I went to India in September 2017 for a missions trip with my church (Bridgeman Baptist Community Church) and seeing the culture of the Indians really shook me. They have nothing and yet we have everything except they just seem to be happier because they don't have the same materialism in their culture. There isn't a great need to get the latest technology. We stopped on the side of the road to meet these travellers who walk up and down the mountains depending on the season of the year and they literally carry their life on their shoulders. So we pitied them because of their lack of resources but these were their exact words: "I have pity for you Australians. You guys have hard life".

We were quite taken aback but when we really thought about it, the reason why they said that was because we are easily caught in the trap of materialism and we always try to have the best thing or whatever; they don't have that same desire. They are the ones with an 'easy' life.

My aim this year is to become the best leader I can be and therefore being a positive role model to others by being an influence just by actions. Sport-wise, I would love to be captain of my AFL U14's Div 1 team as well as the State AFL Brisbane Lions Academy Carnival Captain."