Enrolment Application

Thank you for considering Grace Lutheran College for your child’s education.

This Enrolment Application, if accepted by the College, will form part of the Enrolment Agreement. It is important that all sections of this Enrolment Application are completed honestly and accurately and full disclosure is made. Grace Lutheran College relies upon the statements made within this Enrolment Application. If untruthful, false or misleading statements are made or full disclosure is not made, the ongoing enrolment of your child may be jeopardised.

Please submit a separate application for each child.

Please include a copy of parent/guardian photo IDs (Drivers License or Passport), plus a copy of the child’s Birth Certificate or Passport at the time of enrolment

A non-refundable application fee of $100 should accompany this enrolment application. Should you have more than one child and wish to enrol them at the same time, the family application fee remains at $100.

Student Details

Enrolling Parent/Guardian

Additional Student Details

Parent Details

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Further Information

Other Children in the Family

Child 1

Child 2

Child 3

Child 4

Previous connection with Grace Lutheran College (present sibling, past sibling etc.)

Parent Undertaking

We have read and accept the Standard Collection Notice as per the Privacy Act and the College’s Information Book and are in agreement with the aims and objectives of the College. While our children are in attendance, we will make every effort to offer our full support and cooperation in its programs and activities.

To enable the College to provide for our child’s education, we acknowledge that as parents we will, in the initial stages of the enrolment procedure, disclose any medical or psychological condition of our child which may impinge upon our child’s academic performance or ability to participate fully in the activities of the College community. We consent to the College obtaining information about the above from our child’s former school/s.

We understand that this Enrolment Application, if accepted by the College, will form part of the Enrolment Agreement. We have completed this Enrolment Application honestly and accurately and made full disclosure in respect of each question asked.


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