Saturday 28th November

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Science-Rothwell Campus-Rio Tinto Big Science Competition and

2013 – Rio Tinto Big Science Competition

In June this year, 73 Year 10 students sat for the Rio Tinto Big Science Competition.  Over 45 000 students across Australia and Asia participated in this competition this year. Students who received High Distinctions (scored above 95%), Distinctions (94%-84%) and Credits (84%- 60%) are listed below.  The High Distinction and Distinction certificates will be presented on Senior School and Year 10 Assemblies.  Students not receiving one of these higher awards received a Credit Certificate or a Certificate of Participation in their Science class.  All students received a report that gave detailed feedback on their performance and how this compared with other entrants from Grace College and also other entrants across the State.

High Distinctions



Evangeline CHARLES, Timothy HODGKINSON, Sophie MARSH (left College), Emma SUTHERLAND


Kelly BOWER, Grace CHALMERS, Barry CLARK, Hayley COOK, Joshua EVANS, Matthew GARRETT, Emily HITCHCOCK,

Selina HO, Adrian HOGAN, Rhianne HUMPHREYS, Aurora KELLAM-PEARSON, Courtney-Elyce LEWIS, Neil REN,


Well done everyone,

Ms R. Hermus

Head of Science



Rocketing to Success

“We choose to ….do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”

So said JFK in 1961 when he proposed a grand vision for the future of the USA. He was throwing down the challenge and hoping that people would respond. Part of his vision was to send humans to the moon, by developing and building a rocket system, which at that time was just an engineer’s dream.  A team of boys has again responded to the Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge of building a rocket to launch a raw egg as close to 750ft as possible and return it safely to Earth. This is one of the many “other things” offered at the College and the challenge is indeed hard to achieve. However, the boys rose to the challenge by designing and testing their scratch built rocket in preparation for the competition which was held at the Queensland Rocket Society’s launch site near Jimboomba in late July.  Their dedication and growing expertise saw them clinch the competition’s top trophy for the second year in a row. The team’s rocket reached an altitude of 682ft with a flight time of 39 seconds, with the next closest team reaching 637ft. Congratulations to the boys for their dedication and thanks to Mr Mark Parsons for encouraging the team and for practical transport support on the day of the event. The challenge steps up a notch next year with a new category to the AYRC; two eggs loaded side by side and a higher altitude target. If the team can prove themselves again in 2014 in this new category, then they may be eligible for an international rocket launching competition to be held in Australia in 2015. The sky is not the limit!     Mr P. Smith   Science Department